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    These Halloween Costume Are The Best In All Of TV History

    "I'm Mother Teresa. What? I'm back when she was hot."

    Halloween costumes are essential to a good time in October! TV shows have given us some classics, so you know I had to rank them.

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    *NOTE* I only selected one outfit from each character. Some shows had more Halloween episodes than others, so I had to limit a spot per character or family-themed costumes.

    Here are the 31 best Halloween costumes from TV show characters:

    31. Ross as a spud(nik) (Friends)


    You Sputnik? The most memorable terrible costume on TV and it HAD to make my list.


    30. Kevin Malone as Charlie Brown (The Office)

    Kevin Malone wears Charlie Brown's black and yellow shirt.

    Kevin Malone brings his A-game with a callback to another character that will appear on this list.

    Black and gold always looks good.

    29. Patrick Star as "I don't know who I am" (SpongeBob SquarePants)

    Patrick Star waves while wearing a fake mustache and glasses.

    It gives SpongeBob Scaredy Pants a fright, but nothing too intimidating about a pink starfish with glasses and a mustache.

    28. Teddy as a nurse (Bob's Burgers)

    Teddy dressed as a nurse sitting next to Bob Belcher.

    Is there a better friend than Teddy? What friend do you have that would dress up as a nurse for you (on Halloween night) and take care of you?

    27. SpongeBob SquarePants as the ghost of the Flying Dutchman (SpongeBob SquarePants)

    SpongeBob wears wooden shoes and a sheet over his rounded head.

    It doesn't really scream "Flying Dutchman," but Patrick did his best to help his buddy out.

    What lies beneath is way more terrifying.

    26. DJ as the The Alfalfa-nator (Roseanne)


    Bold. Although, the Alfalfa costume would have sufficed for DJ.

    25. Phoebe as Superwoman (Friends)

    Phoebe dressed as Superwoman.

    The ribbons are adorable, and the costume actually seems comfortable, like Ross's giant potato costume.

    24. Rosa Diaz as the Bride of Frankenstein (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)


    Don't mess with Officer Diaz.

    I love that it is her actual hair and not a wig. The white paper stripe in her hair is hysterical.

    23. Tina Belcher as a mommy mummy (Bob's Burgers)

    Tina Belcher dressed as a mummy with a mummy-wrapped baby doll.

    Tina Belcher has had a lot of great costumes in Bob's Burgers, but this one stands out the most to me. The baby being a mummy, too, is a nice touch.

    22. Roseanne and Dan as a ventriloquist and dummy (Roseanne)

    Roseanne dressed as a dummy and Dan dressed as an undead ventriloquist.

    Very clever to have Dan be the one used as a puppet, and the design for both of them is spectacular.

    21. Tim Taylor's zombie costume (Home Improvement)

    Tim Allen dressed like a zombie.

    As far as '90s shows go, Home Improvement and Roseanne really went all out on Halloween episodes.

    Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's undead makeup is some of the best I've seen on a TV show.

    20. Lucy as a witch (It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown)

    Lucy wearing a witch mask and red hat.

    I love this clashing look by Lucy. A white sheet, a green mask, and a red witch's hat.

    She tried to warn Sally not to stay in that pumpkin patch.

    19. Snoopy as an ace pilot (It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown)


    Snoopy versus the Red Baron is a yearly tradition.

    He may go down fighting, but kudos to that red scarf.

    18. Haley as Mother Teresa (Modern Family)

    Haley in a white dress and headscarf.

    There are a lot of great costumes on this list, but Haley throwing on a headscarf with her dress is too funny.

    Thus birthing the amazing line: "I'm back when she was hot."

    17. The Party as Ghostbusters (Stranger Things)


    Everyone wants to be Venkman.

    The Stranger Things gang really went all out in Season 2, and the proton packs are very impressive.

    16. Kelly Kapoor as Katy Perry (The Office)

    Kelly Kapoor in a green wig and polka dot dress.

    From the Wonder Bread-looking dress to the green wig, this costume is an outrageous attempt at Katy Perry. Love it.

    15. Monica as Catwoman (Friends)

    Monica dressed as catwoman.

    I don't even watch Friends, but I saw "Friends Courteney Cox Catwoman" in Google Images, and I have never hit the search button quicker. I obviously have a Courteney Cox bias, but the outfit is pretty sweet.

    14. Louise Belcher as Anton Chigurh (Bob's Burgers)

    Louise Belcher dressed like Anton Chigurh from "No Country for Old Men."

    She seems a little young to know who this character is, but it is fitting for her. I love the taped-up 2-liter as the prop.

    13. The Johnson family goes retro (Black-ish)

    The Johnson family wearing multi-colored suits with blow out hairstyles.

    The Johnson family has had some of the sickest Halloween costume themes on TV, but I made the tough call of their retro look over their Black Panther theme and Incredibles look.

    There is just more individualism in their Jackson family theme, and the colors all pop together!

    12. Stewie as a duck (Family Guy)

    Stewie dressed as a duck.

    The duck costume is adorable.

    He was bitten by a vampire ducky, and this is him now. Accept him.

    11. Michael Scott as MacGruber (The Office)


    Not MacGyver...MacGruber.

    He brings the energy, and I don't know anyone who doesn't like Michael Scott.

    10. Charles Boyle as Mario Batali (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

    Boyle dressed as Mario Batali.

    Like other characters, I would not have guessed it right away, but hey, Boyle always has the spirit in his costume choices.

    9. Troy as Sexy Dracula (Community)

    Troy shirtless with a sheet collar that reads "DRACULA."

    Lazy? Ingenious? You decide. I, for one, think it's hilarious.

    8. Linda Belcher as a Cher-iff (Bob's Burgers)

    Linda Belcher dressed as Cher with a cowboy hat and a sheriff's badge.

    Linda's best costume by far. The ratio between sheriff and Cher seems unbalanced, but that's what makes it great.

    7. Darlene's The Birds homage (Roseanne)

    Darlene with birds and blood all over her.

    This suits Darlene's character so well. Gruesome, but also a hilarious reference to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

    6. The Pritchetts as the Bat-family (Modern Family)

    The Pritchett family dressed as Batgirl, Batman, and Robin.

    Some of the best trick-or-treater themes I've seen.

    The comically cheap Batman mask really stands out compared to the lavish colors of the family's costumes.

    5. Sandy Cheeks as a pet goldfish in a bowl (SpongeBob SquarePants)

    Sandy Cheeks has her head designed like a goldfish inside her helmet.

    "I don't get it."

    The best way to celebrate Halloween in Bikini Bottom, if you are a land critter.

    4. Salem as a ghost (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)


    There's something adorable about Salem in a ghost costume. The puppet's movements make it that much funnier.

    3. Dwight as a Jack-'o-Lantern (The Office)

    Dwight wears a real jack-o-lantern on his head.

    Daring costume, but with no exit plan, Dwight has to wait for this pumpkin to rot.

    For some reason, the carved-out face of the pumpkin is too funny.

    2. Gene Belcher as Turner & Hooch (Bob's Burgers)

    Gene Belcher dressed as half-man, half-dog.

    One of my favorites ever on Bob's Burgers, and again, a surprising reference that someone Gene's age would get. I guess Bob watches a lot of '80s films with the Belcher kids.

    1. Charlie Brown as a ghost with too many eyes (It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown)


    "I got a rock."

    He got a little carried away with the scissors, but thankfully for us, he gave us one of the most memorable Halloween costumes on TV.

    Are there any costumes I missed? Comment your favorite below!