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    Shaq's Greatest Acting Performances In Commercials, Ranked

    The award for best "Shaq-tor" goes to...

    Shaquille O'Neal is in a lot of lot of commercials. This is a list to compile his greatest acting performances in visual advertising.

    20. TNT

    Shaq flexes in classroom

    19. The General

    Shaq smiles while CGI General dunks a basketball behind him

    18. Epson Printers

    Shaq looks in awe at white paper

    17. Carnival Cruises

    Shaq sings in front of green screen of beach waves

    16. Icy Hot

    Shaq in black and white

    15. Buick

    Shaq in a car and points at the camera

    14. Pepsi Big Slam

    Shaq with an earring, smiling

    13. Papa John's Shaq-a-roni

    Shaq on an iPad screen taped to a pizza box

    12. Age of Beard

    Shaq dressed like a middle schooler

    11. The General (again)

    Shaq dressed like a woodland hermit

    10. Forto Coffee

    Shaq sips some coffee in bathroom

    9. Epson Rapid Receipt Scanner

    Shaq uses a leaf blower in a work room

    8. The General (a third time!)

    Shaq sips drink next to little kid at a lunch table

    7. Frosted Flakes

    Shaq and Tony the Tiger Zoom call

    6. American Express

    Kendrick Lamar and Shaq shop in small soap store

    5. ESPN

    Inside an RV, Shaq mean mugs his scrabble opponents

    4. SportsCenter

    Shaq carries a mascot down a ladder.

    3. Gold Bond

    Shaq holds a gold bond spray bottle

    2. Papa John's (again)

    Shaq with a wig and mustache

    1. Vitamin Water

    Shaq poses for horse race photo-finish

    What is your favorite Shaq commercial? Is there another athlete/celebrity you weirdly see a lot in commercials lately? Comment below!