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21 Sports GIFS That Made Us Laugh In 2020

From hilarious in-game bloopers to athlete reactions, sports in 2020 had plenty to offer.

1. Sports were different in 2020, but it still offered some hilarious GIF content. Everyone deserves a good laugh, especially if you want to be like Mike.


The Emmy winning documentary The Last Dance was a masterpiece and gave us plenty of new Jordan memes. Also, we learned Michael Jordan takes a lot of things personally, but can still have a good laugh.

2. What better way to kick off than with some reaction GIFs? New England Patriots quarterback (and always expressive) Cam Newton likes that idea, right?

CBS Sports

No idea what teammate N'Keal Harry said, but Cam said, "I'm out."

3. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly appears more than pleased with himself after striking out Carlos Correa.

Spectrum Sportsnet

Kelly showcasing beautiful pettiness at its finest.

4. Here is some wholesome content of Milwaukee Buck and 2020 NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo dancing.

Milwaukee Bucks

By the way, this bright (and hilarious) 26-year-old just signed a contract extension worth $228M. He can dance all he wants.

5. And who doesn't like a good fourth wall break?


Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins had a lot on his mind, and it is an expression everyone can relate to.

6. Enough reactions, let's charge into some NFL game action!

NFL Network

Oops. Looks like New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had a little trouble making it to the endzone, but that young man can still run fast. Maybe a little too fast?

7. Speaking of endzones, I wonder what JuJu Smith-Schuster is thinking about after catching a touchdown.


You can tell this guy has too much fun playing football (and scoring touchdowns). Gotta love it.

8. New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Jameis Winston reminding the lovely people at home that his team just ate a "W".


Tasty photobomb or no?

9. Let's check in with Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick during the at-home NFL Draft night:


So Belichick is either a shape-shifter or that is his pup, Nike, working the laptops. #BeliDog

10. In the Major League, Dr. Fauci took the mound to throw out the first pitch in Washington, and...


No notes.

11. Baseball returned for a shorter season, but not everyone had the proper footing.


Brent Suter was either dodging a nasty right hook from the ghost of Miller Park...or he tripped. 10/10 somersault. #Sutersalt

12. Pitching bullpens can sometimes have a little too much fun.


I think the drummer is my vibe.

13. Inside the NBA bubble, Lebron James might be over Anthony Davis' shenanigans.


Well, if your sibling or friend is ever bothering you, feel free to send this GIF in response. (Both James and Davis led the Los Angeles Lakers to their 17th title, tying the Boston Celtics for most ever.)

14. Free throws in basketball can bring out all the emotions at once.


Philadelphia Sixer Joel Embiid gave it the "I meant to do that" strut.

15. Jewell Lloyd celebrating the Seattle Storm's fourth title in the WNBA.


I like the "reverse snow angel" technique. You can't fake that pure joy.

16. In the NHL, Brad Marchand lost a shootout because he forgot to bring the hockey puck with him.


Eye on the ball. Eye on the puck.

17. It's not all bad for the Boston Bruins. Matt Grzelcyk puts in 110% effort on the ice (but sometimes it is not enough for a fist pump)


The goofy pregame antics of the Bruins defensemen are always entertaining and they deserve their own list.

18. Professional Wrestling counts as "Sports Entertainment" and Montez Ford wants to fly like an eagle.


Important note for all non-WWE fans: Wrestling is scripted and his opponent was supposed to break his fall. Have no fear, Montez is okay and still soaring on Smackdown.

19. Life can sometimes creep up on you like the Undertaker in a Boneyard Match.

WWE Network

The Dead Man gave the people one hell of a final match (kudos to AJ Styles, too).

20. Here's Iron Mike Tyson versus a really tough-to-tear-off T-shirt.


Hey, whatever that shirt material is, at least it is high quality.

21. Sports rarely fail to entertain. So raise your trophies high and say "cheers" to the spirit of competition.


Easy there, Collin Morikawa. That thing's almost a hundred years old.

Two final questions: What was the funniest GIF?

And should Belichick's dog be in charge of every laptop in the world?

2020 is finally (almost) over, and we're looking back on the year. Check out even more from the year here.