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    17 Experiences From NBA Players Inside The Bubble

    As the NBA nears the finals, a look back at how players like Luka Dončić and LeBron James enjoyed the bubble.

    1. Despite nationwide lockdowns, many professional sports leagues decided to hold games in stadiums across the country. Rather than take the risk, the NBA chose to hold all of its games in a single location: Disney World.

    Orlando bubble: Day 1. (Via Serge Ibaka’s TikTok).

    NBA players arrived at their resorts in style. The Toronto Raptors' Serge Ibaka captured it on TikTok.

    2. Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard was particularly excited about the dining options.

    He appeared to be a fan of the Mickey Mouse waffles.

    3. On off days, NBA players got to hang out on the grounds of the Walt Disney World campus.

    Here's Denver Nuggets shooting guard Troy Daniels enjoying a game of cornhole.

    4. Players even went fishing, including rising star Luka Dončić.

    5. Some players were better fishers than others. Philadelphia 76er Ben Simmons fell into the second category.

    Ben Simmons throws fish back in the water with the wrong hand.

    6. LeBron James used his downtime to practice his musical skills. We still don't know where he got the harmonica.

    7. New Orleans Pelican J.J. Redick preferred to take it easy and enjoy a nice beer in the (kiddie) pool.

    Sorry meant to post this earlier. Multitasking post practice. @budlight @NBABubbleLife

    8. Meyers Leonard took J.J.'s casual shotgun as a challenge.

    I was drinking baby cans? No problem. 16oz might have been easier. Ain’t nobody competing with me. 🤝🔨 @NBABubbleLife

    9. To feel like they were at home, players kept up certain habits. For LeBron, that meant his sacred tradition of Taco Tuesday.

    Even in the bubble, LeBron won’t stop 🤣🌮 (via @JaValeMcGee)

    10. MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo decorated his brother Thanasis's door for his birthday.

    who decorates doors better than @Giannis_An34? hbd @Thanasis_ante43 🥳 #bubblebirthdays

    11. Most players were happy with the accommodations, which are in some of the nicest resorts in Disney. The only entertainment that Milwaukee Buck Robin Lopez needed was his TV's welcome screen.

    Why do we even need those Fire TV sticks @nba?

    12. Others weren't too thrilled. Laker Rajon Rondo compared his room to a Motel 6.

    Rajon Rondo doesn’t seem pleased with his Orlando room.

    13. Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers joked that LeBron had an entire building to himself.

    LeBron's crib in the bubble is HUGE. My guy @AustinRivers25 had jokes on our IG live today. 😂

    14. After the first round of the playoffs, players staying in the bubble were reunited with their kids, like Boston Celtic Jayson Tatum.

    Bubble reunions are the best ✌🏾☘️ cc @jaytatum0

    15. Toronto Raptor Fred VanVleet was reunited with his two kids.

    16. The National Basketball Players Association even set up a school for the kids.

    17. And saving the best for last: Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown and Enes Kanter helped their 7-foot-5-inch teammate Tacko Fall learn how to swim.