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    I Don't Know Why I Find Dr. Anthony Fauci's Flop First Pitch So Funny, But It Is


    MLB started their shortened 60-game season yesterday.

    Dodger's stadium on opening night

    And who better to throw out the first pitch than Dr. Anthony Fauci?

    Dr. Fauci on the pitcher's mound

    The short king took to the Washington Nationals' mound and threw the ceremonial first pitch to start the season.

    Fauci wound up.

    His eyes on the prize.

    Fauci releases the ball

    But things didn't look so good.

    The ball is floating in the air

    No, plz, no.

    The ball is floating in the air while Fauci looks at it

    Basically, it was a complete disaster, but lol-worthy for sure.

    Dr. Fauci looks defeated, the ball is on the ground

    Watch the gif of the pitch here:

    And here's a video:

    View this video on YouTube

    Oh well!

    Fauci with his hands up in defeat

    Dr. Fauci will now go down in history with the likes of the 19 No. 1 chanteuse, Mariah Carey, as an iconic flop first pitch thrower.