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    I Don't Know Why I Find Dr. Anthony Fauci's Flop First Pitch So Funny, But It Is


    MLB started their shortened 60-game season yesterday.

    Dodger's stadium on opening night
    Harry How / Getty Images

    Yes, that's a "cutout crowd."

    And who better to throw out the first pitch than Dr. Anthony Fauci?

    Dr. Fauci on the pitcher's mound
    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    The short king took to the Washington Nationals' mound and threw the ceremonial first pitch to start the season.

    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    Fauci wound up.

    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    His eyes on the prize.

    Fauci releases the ball
    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    But things didn't look so good.

    The ball is floating in the air
    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    No, plz, no.

    The ball is floating in the air while Fauci looks at it
    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    Basically, it was a complete disaster, but lol-worthy for sure.

    Dr. Fauci looks defeated, the ball is on the ground
    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    Watch the gif of the pitch here:

    MLB / Via

    And here's a video:

    View this video on YouTube

    Oh well!

    Fauci with his hands up in defeat
    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    Dr. Fauci will now go down in history with the likes of the 19 No. 1 chanteuse, Mariah Carey, as an iconic flop first pitch thrower.

    Nippon Professional Baseball / Via

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