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    23 Greatest Halloween Costumes Worn By Movie Characters

    I'm a Halloween list...duh.

    Let's be honest: Most people dress up as movie characters, but don't forget, some film characters have rocked their own awesome costumes.

    Here's a ranking of the best Halloween costumes in cinematic history:

    23. Two-Face and the Riddler as trick-or-treaters in Batman Forever

    Two Face and The Riddler at a peep hole disguised as trick or treaters

    22. Ali as a masquerader in The Karate Kid (1984)

    Girl in an all white masquerade mask and gown

    21. Hilary Duff as a masquerader in A Cinderella Story

    20. Velma as RBG in Scoob!

    Velma dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Daphne dressed as Wonder Woman

    19. The "cop" dressed as a cop in Hocus Pocus

    Man dressed as a cop and wearing a motorcycle cop helmet

    18. Aaron Samuels as a football player in Mean Girls

    Aaron Samuels at a Halloween party in a football jersey

    17. Kat's old-timey white dress in Casper

    Kat in a white dress next to Casper the friendly ghost

    16. The Yoda kid as...Yoda in E.T. the Extraterrestrial

    Kid in a Yoda costume trick or treating

    15. Oogie Boogie's little henchmen as trick-or-treaters in The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Three Claymation children dressed as a devil, a skeleton, and a witch

    14. Laurie as Little Red Riding Hood in Trick 'r Treat

    Laurie in a red hood and dress

    13. Mrs. Dennison as Madonna in Hocus Pocus

    12. Donnie as an emo skeleton in Donnie Darko

    Boy wears a skeleton suit and gray hoodie

    11. Gretchen Wieners as a cat in Mean Girls

    10. Danielle, Janet, and Maria as Cinderella, Little Bo Beep, and Snow White in Trick 'r Treat

    Three women dressed as Cinderella, Bo Peep, and Snow White

    9. Scout as a ham in To Kill a Mockingbird

    Scout in a ham costume labeled "HAM"

    8. Regina George as a bunny in Mean Girls

    7. Karen Smith as a mouse (duh) in Mean Girls

    Karen Smith points to her mouse ear headband

    6. Johnny and Cobra Kai as skeleton boys in The Karate Kid

    Cobra Kai members in black and white skeleton Halloween costumes

    5. Dani Dennison as a witch in Hocus Pocus

    Dani, dressed as a witch, eating a Sanderson Sister lollipop

    4. Cady Heron as a dead bride in Mean Girls

    Caddy Herron wears a dead bride costume at a Halloween party

    3. Daniel LaRusso as a shower in Karate Kid (1984)

    Kid dressed as a shower curtain at a Halloween party

    2. Michael Myers disguised in Halloween (1978)

    1. Sam as a spooky boy in Trick 'r Treat

    Boy trick or treating in a burlap mask

    Did I miss any? Am I dead wrong? Comment below!

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