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    17 TV Restaurants You Wish You Could Eat At

    Taco Bell has never seemed so meh.

    1. Los Pollos Hermanos, Breaking Bad


    Food to try: The fried chicken.

    Main draw: Feeling productive as you buy your meth and dinner in one place.

    2. Krusty Burger, The Simpsons


    Food to try: The Krusty Burger.

    Main draw: Having bragging rites after eating a zebra and elephant burger.

    3. Krusty Krab, SpongeBob SquarePants

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Food to try: The Krabby Patty.

    Main draw: Being under the sea? Meeting Spongebob? Finding out what meat fish eat?

    4. Elzar's Fine Cuisine, Futurama

    Fox / Via

    Food to try: The complimentary human broth.

    Main draw: Complimentary human broth isn't enough for you?!

    5. MacLaren's Pub, HIMYM

    CBS / Via

    Food to try: An assortment of 11 deep fried appetizers.

    Main draw: Have you met Ted?

    6. Bob's Burgers, Bob's Burgers

    Fox / Via

    Food to try: The burger of the day.

    Main draw: A chance to hear Teddy's riveting towel stories.

    7. The Drunken Clam, Family Guy

    Fox / Via

    Food to try: Whatever Seth Macfarlane decides is best.

    Main draw: Dirt cheap brews.

    8. Paddy's Pub, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    FX / Via

    Food to try: Beer? Beer is food, right?

    Main draw: Being served drinks from Danny DeVito as he rips a bong as tall as he is.

    9. The Banana Stand, Arrested Development


    Food to try: Frozen chocolate bananas.

    Main draw: There's always money in the banana stand.

    10. The Pie Hole, Pushing Daisies

    ABC / Via

    Food to try: The cherry pie.

    Main draw: Reanimated pies! And, well, more pies.

    11. The Soup Nazi, Seinfeld

    NBC / Via

    Food to try: The mulligatawny soup.

    Main draw: Being served by Scent of a Woman era Al Pacino.

    12. Central Perk, Friends

    NBC / Via

    Food to try: The coffee.

    Main draw: Being in your late twenties and having time to endlessly sit on those plush orange couches.

    13. JJ's Diner, Parks and Recreation


    Food to try: The four horse-meals of the egg-pork-alypse.

    Main draw: The four horse-meals of the egg-pork-alypse.

    14. The Double R Diner, Twin Peaks


    Food to try: Some damn good coffee.

    Main draw: Cherry pie that you could just kill for.

    15. The Shore Shack, Rocket Power


    Food to try: Fish tacos.

    Main draw: Being served by children so athletic, Batman would feel outmatched.

    16. Der Waffle Haus, Dead Like Me


    Food to try: The waffles.

    Main draw: Unknowingly chilling with Death(s).

    17. Goodburger, All That


    Food to try: The goodburger.

    Main draw: Hoping against hope that one day you'd see Kenan and Kel back together.

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