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21 Lessons You Can Learn From A Mature Student

We WILL outlast you on a night out.

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1. We've made the relationship mistakes already, so YOU DON'T HAVE TO!


Chances are, most mature students will have been through several crappy relationships already so can spot the warning signs and give advice. Save yourself some pain and listen!

2. Mature students have usually had jobs before, so time management and organisation is a strong point.

We make great alarm clocks for a 9am lecture – texting or calling to make sure you're awake.


4. We nearly always have snacks, especially for an early morning lecture.

Especially true if we have children. That bag inevitably has lunch, three cereal bars, crisps, and more "just in case".

6. We often have our own clean, tidy, houses you can visit to study in.

Complete with washing machines, comfy furniture, and wine racks. Best bit: NO HOUSEMATES.


8. You know we'll be committed to a group project.

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We hate it as much as you, but we've got other stuff to be doing so know it's not worth procrastinating for the next three weeks.

9. Local mature students know all the best hidden bars and pubs, and where the cheapest drinks are.

11. We'll nearly always have done the seminar reading.

We've often sacrificed a lot to come to uni, and when you're paying £9,000 a year it makes sense to do the work!


14. Two words: Cooking lessons.

It doesn't have to be beans on toast and overpriced pizzas.


16. We'll get more drunk than you during a game of "Never Have I Ever".

19. We may well have a car, so goodbye buses!

21. You can help us too.

Chances are it's been a long time since we've written an essay or referenced anything whereas it's still fresh in your mind. We can learn things from each other!