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    • jennmckinneyq

      The problem designers and manufacturers have is that they view being overweight and plus sized as a temporary problem for women. They think we’re all fat and unhappy and so we’re dieting and exercising to reach that supposed mainstream ideal weight (when in reality a size 14 is the norm but that’s basically topping out an XL and there’s only ever 5 of them in stock as opposed to 1000 mediums that always wind up on the clearance rack at the end of the season bc that medium is not a true medium as far as laws of averages…i digress). Since they view it as temporary and that god forbid any of us curvy gals enjoy having some meat on our bones they don’t feel inclined to produce anything for what they continue to see as a temporary market. And when they do attempt anything the still have non curvy people doing the designing and all they do is size up what they already have going on in their line which doesn’t always translate well in terms of fit. Then they only roll it out in select locations or online and don’t advertise. Then when no one buys any (because we didn’t know, couldn’t find it or it was crap) they shrug their shoulders and say we tried but there was no interest.

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