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    • jenniferz3

      I used to be an event planner and I get a lot of questions/comments about my former occupation, most often “event planning must be so much fun!” And “but you get to go to weddings all the time!”  Yes, it was fun and exciting to experience certain parts of weddings/events. Watching the father/daughter dances always teared me up, every single time. Watching people have fun and come together was always nice. Best men give better speeches than maids of honor. Cake is always delicious. The food is delicious. The brides always, always looked beautiful.  BUT, it’s less JLo in The Wedding Planner and more babysitting drunk adults and making sure they don’t destroy the building. Mothers of the bride/groom were always worse than the brides themselves. There’s always one bridesmaid who gets drunk and cries in the bathroom. There’s always one drunk groomsman who climbs on a chair/table. Someone will inevitably do impromptu karaoke. Open bar = nightmare. Like 75% of people have the same first dance/mother-son/father-daughter song, you’re not original. If I never saw another mason jar/burlap/”country chic” theme ever again, that wouldn’t be soon enough. Ditto for the candy bar. Ditto for the whole groomsmen/groom wearing jeans trend (seriously, that’s the worst wedding trend in recent memory.) Kids at a wedding are SUPER annoying because wedding planners aren’t babysitters. Seriously, quit walking around barefoot. It’s disgusting. Bring a damn pair of flip flops. Don’t do a plated dinner (takes longer) and for the love of God, quit doing the stupid fucking dollar dance. It’s boring and no one likes it. It literally kills the mood of the entire party. And couples that insist on doing things that your planner specifically recommended against (open bar before the ceremony, stupid table arrangements, not hiring a cleaning crew, trendy shit from Pinterest, etc.) are the WORST.  Seriously, my advice is to get into catering at a lower level to make sure being at events constantly is something you’re into. Everyone thinks it’s such a cool job but they have a fantasy in their head of what it is vs what it actually is. Another thing this article touched on is that people don’t understand is that event planning is like 80% admin stuff (paperwork and emails) and 20% actual event management. It’s not even remotely fun. You’re pretty much chained to a desk 4 days a week. People call/text/email 24 hours a day and you need to make yourself available. There’s a high burnout in the industry for a reason.  /rant over.

    • jenniferz3

      I would also add - don’t fall into the trap of registering for things like expensive Waterford vases or useless knickknacks/dust collectors. I registered for a few of these and received them all, and I wish I would have left them off so people could have gifted money or gift cards instead.  I also don’t think gift cards are as taboo of a present as people think they should be! We received several gift cards - some store-specific, some just money cards - and they really came in handy! We were able to take advantage of deals and sales and get gifts we didn’t receive or thought of after the fact. Most stores have a “complete your registry” thing that offers discounts after your wedding. Macy’s was quite the good deal - they offered 20% off six months after the wedding and we were able to buy lots of things. We got an entire luxury bedding set for $89 due to various combined discounts and sales.  Lastly - I really wish we would have registered for a good quality vacuum. We wanted a Dyson but were afraid people wouldn’t spend the money on it. We have a dog that sheds constantly and we kick ourselves everyday for not asking for a good vacuum!

    • jenniferz3

      Not necessarily a gift we wish we’d registered for, but we were gifted a set of spices from a brand called Penzeys. They’re truly amazing, high-quality spices and I used them in quite literally every dish I cook. Everyone typically registers for one of those generic, bulky spice racks, but I’m so glad we received these instead. I would never have thought to ask for them (partly because I’d never heard of them) but it’s my go-to gift for new brides now!

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