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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair's Labor Day Sale

    Enjoy up to 70% off air fryers, multi-cookers, robot vacuums, and more.

    Looking to upgrade your living space? Look no further! Wayfair's Labor Day Sale is giving us up to 70% off!

    To help you get started, we rounded up some of the best things on sale. Check them out!

    1. 29% off a compact air fryer so you can fry up pretty much anything your heart (and your stomach!) desires. Veggies, drumsticks, and fries for me please! Also it uses zero oil. *mind blown*

    The red version with fries inside

    2. 59% off an oval glass coffee table that'll make your apartment feel renovated and updated to your current taste.

    A glass oval coffee table on wooden legs

    3. 71% off an an elegant upholstered bench where you can sit to put your shoes on or just think about life.

    The gray upholstered bench, which has dark wood legs

    4. 37% off a platform bed frame that'll transform your room into the fairy wonderland you've always wanted it to be.

    A bedroom with a bed propped on a white-painted platform bed frame with spokes with round finials in the middle of them

    5. 34% off a Hamilton countertop blender to make you a yummy smoothie to start your day off right.

    A transparent blender full of fruit and ice with several portable cups included

    6. 61% off a pink area rug because just look at how beautiful that is!

    An area rug staged in a living room with soft vintage floral detailing

    7. 66% off a robotic vacuum cleaner that'll remove pet hair and all the other junk that is sticking to the bottom of your feet and annoying you so much.

    A disc-shaped robot cleaner working on a hardwood floor

    8. 41% off an understated glass door accent cabinet so all your tchotchkes and books have a proper home.

    A yellow cabinet with three shelves and glass window doors

    9. 75% off a six-quart, four-in-one multi-cooker that'll make you the perfect meal every night.

    The multicooker on a kitchen counter next to a meal prepared in it

    10. 44% off a daybed for creating pretty much the perfect place for guests to sleep over without taking up so much room in the house.

    A twin sized day bed with a metal frame with one mattress on top and a second frame underneath it that can slide a second mattress out as well

    11. 71% off a colorful area rug because you've been looking for the perfect pop of color to brighten up the place.

    A large rug on the floor of a living room with a Persian-inspired, distressed pattern in bright colors

    12. 67% off a black floral rug if you're looking for something a bit more dramatic.

    A large black rug with white and gray distressed detailing

    13. 44% off a gorgeous reversible quilt set so you can switch it up depending on what mood you're in.

    A duvet decorated with pastel flowers

    14. 29% off an upholstered headboard to upgrade your bedroom without spending a fortune.

    The mauve headboard staged on a made bed

    15. 53% off a wooden storage bench so you can add storage options to your entryway and a place to sit.

    A wooden bench with deep concealed storage under the seat

    16. 55% off an accent chest because you're fancy and need a place to store your clothes.

    A subtly shiny black cabinet, approximately the height of a nightstand, with three drawers with art deco-esque designs and reflective mirror panels on them

    17. 40% off a gray wash console table you can put your TV on or just some nice lamps you really like to lighten up your space.

    A gray wash wood table behind a couch and approximately the same height as the couch, with a level on the top and bottom for displaying decorative pieces like lamps and books

    18. 76% off a print of a really stunning lake surrounded by trees and mountains to bring nature to you.

    An image of a lake

    19. 23% off a chic fruit basket that'll bring your kitchen into the future and the future is full of lemons apparently!

    The stainless steel fruit basket, which is made of extending rods, holding several lemons

    20. 12% off a four-piece sofa seating set to ~deck~ out your porch for summertime fun.

    the three chairs with the table in the middle one of the chairs is a bench

    21. 33% off a hammock so you can soak up the sun on the roof or your back deck in peace.

    the hammock in blue

    22. 48% off an office chair if the kitchen table chair you've been using for months is starting to wear on your back.

    The black chair, which has padded armrests

    23. 25% off a 12-piece stainless steel cookware set because you've been cooking up a storm at home these days and you just simply deserve the best.

    The stainless steel set, which comes with clear lids

    24. 16% off a two-tier dish rack so all your stuff can dry properly while not taking up too much counter space.

    The rack, which has several different compartments, like one for mugs, one for silverware, one for plates, one for sponges and soap, etc

    25. 58% off a rolling laundry hamper because you're tired of lugging all your clothes to and from the laundry room. Make your life a lil' easier!

    The white removable laundry basket in its silver wire basket

    26. 33% off a rapid egg cooker to make you the perfect soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled egg every time.

    the egg cooker in white

    27. 64% off a 14-piece knife block set that'll give your kitchen knives the upgrade you've been looking for.

    the knives in black

    28. 25% off a bench scrape shovel for making chopping up ingredients and scrapping them into bowls and dishes super easy!

    the scraper with a purple handle

    29. 81% off an armchair with a pop of color that is divine!

    the chair in teal blue

    30. 36% off kitchen cart with wood top if you're in desperate need of storage and counter space in your kitchen.

    the kitchen cart with a brown wooden top and a black undercarriage

    31. 42% off a photo of a beach at sunset for adding a touch of serenity to your living room.

    a photo of the ocean at sunset

    Want more? You can check out the rest of Wayfair's Labor Day Sale!

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