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    27 Pieces Of Statement Clothing For People Who Have A LOT To Say

    🎶 Say what you need to say 🎶 — You & John Mayer

    1. A stunning striped shirtdress with a comfortable silhouette and colors that stand out above the rest. That built-in neck tie is doing all the work so you don't have to!

    2. An avant-garde loose maxi dress for those who want to stand out even when you're blending right in.

    3. A pair of colorful Adidas Yung 96 sneakers so your feet actually feel like they're walkin on sunshine (ooooohoooo).

    4. A set of acrylic earrings because a colorful hoop can really round out your outfit of closet basics.

    5. A long-sleeve floral dress that'll give new life and color to your closet's LBD.

    6. A maxi wool overcoat for commanding every room you walk in and out of and remaining exceptionally warm while you're at it.

    7. A multi-colored striped v-neck bodysuit to make any outfit pop with low effort and high-key stunning results.

    8. A ruffled two-piece skirt and top set, because you live for the drama... and also this just looks super comfortable and you live for that, too.

    9. A pearl-embellished top with puffy short sleeves that'll be the perfect match for basic jeans or a skirt.

    10. A chunky-strap block heel with a delicate design of beautiful flowers for anyone who's statement is, "I can't wait for spring!"

    11. A loose-knit pullover sweater that's honestly the purrrfect mix of comfy and cool.

    12. A pair of ED by Ellen DeGeneres low-top sneakers designed with a little kitten or dog peaking out from under the sole so you can feel ~paw~sitively certain you have the best shoes in the room.

    13. A three quarter–length sleeve embroidered floral cocktail dress so you can RSVP to all those weddings this spring without worrying about what stunning outfit you're going to wear.

    14. A color popping button down that'll bring a smile to your face every time you throw it on.

    15. A pleated vintage-inspired skirt designed in so many patterns, you can just have fun with it and wake up every day with a new bold look!

    16. A hooded colorblock windbreaker so even if the weather is cold and boring, you'll be glowing on the inside and out.

    17. A vintage-y a-line tea dress with a built-in belt perfect for any season and any reason.

    18. A striped wide leg jumpsuit for a business on top, party on the bottom kind of vibe you'll be obsessed with.

    19. A pearl stoned clutch made with a uniquely beautiful shape that'll have fellow event-goers clutching their pearls.

    20. A pair of triangular stone earrings so you can express your inner artist without breaking the bank.

    21. A Bohemian print maxi dress so stunning and vivacious it'll do all the talking for you.

    22. A layered ruffle blouse that'll complement your curves as others compliment you!

    23. A pink checkered pant Elle Woods would actually fight you for in court.

    24. A long-sleeve floral blouse to make your blue jeans come back to life.

    25. A bell-sleeve suede blouse you can wear with any casual bottoms and your look will instantly be one for the 'gram.

    26. A loose-fitting knit pullover for an easily dressed up or dressed down look that'll keep you warm — and chic.

    27. A floor-length dress that'll have heads turning left, right, and center to see what, where, and how much you got this gem for!

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