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    Ariana Grande Slayed Her "Wicked" Performance And It's Proof That Dreams Come True

    "If y'all told me about any of this 15 years ago..."

    If you're like me, you watched NBC's A Very Wicked Halloween special and cried your damn eyes out, wishing you could get in a time machine back to 2003!!!

    The hour-long special revisited hits from the musical, from "Popular" to "Defying Gravity" — and then Wicked stan Ariana Grande took the stage for an ICONIC performance of "The Wizard and I":

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    Tag yourself, I'm this fan!!!!!

    The whole thing had me IN MY FEELINGS, because it's wild to think that back in 2003, when I was geeking out over Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth and making "For Good" lyrics my AIM away message — Ariana Grande was also just a regular ole' theater kid doing the same damn thing.

    And now it has come FULL DAMN CIRCLE!

    Like, here is a video of young Ariana SLAYING THE HELL out of "The Wizard and I" way back in the day:

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    Here are some old tweets about her Wicked ~obsession~:

    Team Glinda (though I sometimes root for Elphie) xx . RT @ClubAriana @ArianaGrande are you Team Elphaba or Team Glinda:)? I'm team Glenda

    Loved seeing Wicked again... amazing production! Made me realize again how badly I want 2 play Glinda at some point in my life! #DreamRole

    Speaking of going green....I'm at Wicked right now and I have to's still incredible! I forgot how much I love this show! :-.)

    What's your favorite song from Wicked?I want to sing all of these in my room as soon as I get home! Hmmmm. :)

    And here she friggin' is backstage with her grandma and Kristin Chenoweth:

    This photo might be from 15 years ago, but do any of these witches look familiar? @arianagrande @kchenoweth #Wicked15 #Wicked

    Like, this is just SO MAJOR:

    How cool is it that @ArianaGrande saw @WICKED_Musical when she was just 9 years old and is now singing The Wizard and I on @NBC! Her future truly is unlimited. #wicked15

    Congrats, Ariana. Elphie would be proud.