This Social Media Star Is Making His Street A "Living Hell" For His Neighbors

    "I feel bad for them... There's nothing we can do though."

    This is 20-year-old Jake Paul, a Disney actor, YouTuber, and former Vine star with over 8.5 million followers on Instagram.

    Paul and some of his collaborators live in a West Hollywood rental and, according to a KTLA report that went viral after this Mic piece, he's received complaints from his neighbors for disrupting his street with loud and dangerous stunts (like lighting a mattress on fire) and publicizing his address for his millions of fans to see.

    During the live news report, Paul came out to greet reporter Christopher Wolfe and it's SOMETHING ELSE.

    Social media star #JakePaul jumps on our news van; #WeHo neighbors: "He's creating a 'living hell,' 'war zone.'"

    Paul apparently found the whole thing pretty amusing, and shared the news clip on Twitter:

    I'm dead 😂 @ neighbors you won't do it

    "It's terrible, it's a bad situation... There's nothing we can do though. The Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there... DAB."

    People had a lot of thoughts about the video and the dab heard 'round the world:

    imagine living next to jake paul and having him literally have no respect for the neighbourhood and just saying "dab on the haters"

    Jake Paul did a news interview where he yelled "DAB", then proceeded to dab, while sprinting away into the distance. Welcome to 2017.

    when jake paul gets married and they're exchanging the 'i do's, he'll probably 'i DON'T' and dab and run off with his best man who's filming

    As the story started trending on Twitter, Paul continued to laugh it off:

    And his army continued to tweet their support:

    We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team 10. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers. @jakepaul.

    There is 8.5m people who would do anything to live next to the Team 10 house. 🤷🏽‍♀️ @jakepaul @ImTessaBrooks @Team10official @ImChanceSutton

    But later on, he tweeted about the whole thing again, telling his followers there are "bigger fish 2 fry..."

    Crazy how many ppl care about me being a "bad" neighbor bigger fish 2 fry... innocent ppl r getting shot everyday U shld worry about tht

    Of course, some pointed out that it seemed like Paul was just trying to deflect the attention from the whole situation:

    @majickhere @jakepaul That's cause he doesn't even care about innocent people getting shot, he just cares about him…

    breaking news: according to jake paul, if people are being shot you are fully allowed to be a douche to everyone around you.

    Next week, Paul's neighbors will meet with city leaders and police and depending on that meeting they'll decide whether or not to file a public nuisance class action lawsuit against him... DAB.