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If This Music Video Doesn't Send You Back To The '90s, Nothing Will

Your entire childhood in under 5 minutes.

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There's nothing '90s kids like more than remembering how much better life was in the '90s.

Ben Giroux/Jensen Reed

That's the feeling actor/director Ben Giroux and indie hip-hop artist Jensen Reed tapped into with their new music video, "Back to the '90s"—a musical love letter to everyone's favorite decade.

Ben Giroux/Jensen Reed

They threw it back to everything from Blockbuster...

Ben Giroux/Jensen Reed Nickelodeon's Double Dare...

Ben Giroux/Jensen Reed this *iconic* and magical quick fix we all did with our Nintendo games.

Ben Giroux/Jensen Reed

And they even threw in some Backstreet Boys feels for good measure:

Ben Giroux/Jensen Reed

(Yes, that's Disney Channel and Hairspray: Live star Garrett Clayton!)

Watch the whole nostalgic (and super-catchy!) '90s anthem here:

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