Felicity Huffman's "Desperate Housewives" Character Paid $15,000 To Get Her Kids Into Private School

    Wow, fiction is wild.

    Yesterday, I was minding my own business, recapping a 26-year-old episode of Full House because it foreshadowed this whole college admissions scam mess.

    But, alas, I looked at the comments on that post and saw something that made me go, "Hmmmmm..."

    And then I checked Twitter and had this excellent hot tip waiting for me:

    Down to the dollar amount??? I had to investigate!

    And, the rumors are true, in Season 1, Episode 5 "Come In, Stranger," Lynette Scavo — played by Felicity Huffman, who is indicted in the scam — is trying to get her twin sons into an elite private school called Barcliff Academy with her husband, Tom.

    The Scavos end up in some twisted private school bidding war, and if they can cough up a donation, they'll beat out another family for their spots at the school.

    But here's where it gets interesting. Lynette reveals the school asked for a $15,000 donation:

    Which, uhhh, *checks notes* is the exact amount that Felicity Huffman allegedly paid to improve her daughter's SAT scores:

    Ultimately, Lynette and Tom Scavo get the money together for the donation by selling Tom's beloved boat. Don't you just HATE IT when you have to sell your boat to bribe your kids' school???

    Anyway, my point is, fiction is W I L D!!!! Rich people on TV are always scheming! I mean, who comes up with this stuff? It's too unbelievable to be true!

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again : Lynette Scavo is the most realistic character from the Desperate Housewives universe

    And, for the love of god, someone please go check on the Declaration of Independence!!! I'm suddenly nervous everyone in Hollywood is inspired by their past projects...