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    I Saw A Picture Of Midge From "Riverdale" Without Her Wig And I'm Shook

    Master of disguise!

    Due to the events of the most recent episode of Riverdale, there is a SPOILER ahead in this post. Consider yourself warned!


    Okay, I'm here to talk about the artist formerly known as Midge.


    You know, Midge! Jingle Jangle enthusiast! Girlfriend of Moose! Last minute Carrie!


    Unfortunately, this is the latest thing that happened to Midge:


    So, uhhhhh, it's not great. But, this creepy AF murder had me looking up the actor who plays Midge to see how she's coping. Turns out, she's a 23-year-old Canadian actress named Emilija Baranac and this is what she looks like IRL:

    Wait, whaaaaat?!

    Does she look different IRL? Uhh, I'd say more than a sMIDGE!

    Like, I can't believe those long tresses were hidden under this Midge wig?????


    Like, if Black Hood said to me, "identify this person as a cast member from Riverdale or else" โ€” well, I guess I'd be the next victim of the Black Hood!!!!

    Anyway, Emilija posted a sweet tribute to her poor deceased character and I'm honestly sad. Rest in peace, Midge. But more importantly, rest in peace Midge wig.

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