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    There's Something Sneaky Happening In This Photo Of Drake And Kate Beckinsale

    Not everything is as it seems!

    That actress from Serendipity and that guy from Degrassi just took a picture together at the Billboard Music Awards:

    Kate Beckinsale / Via Instagram

    Just kidding, I obviously know their names are Kate Beckinsale and Aubrey "Drake" Graham.

    Looks like a regular photo of two beautiful people posing together and trying their best not to smile, right?

    Kate Beckingsale / Via Instagram

    Wrong! Kate Beckinsale, who posted the photo, revealed in her caption that there's something *sneaky* happening here:

    Kate Beckinsale / Via Instagram

    "One of us has just won 13 Billboard Awards and one of us has incredibly itchy tits from their outfit and is handling it like an adult woman."

    Disney / Via

    Stars, they're just like us — sometimes their boobs itch when they're posing with Drake!

    NBC / Via

    Way to keep it real, Kate Beckinsale.