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    18 Stock Image People You'll Relate To If You're Falling Asleep At Work

    "Man hiding under laptop."

    1. Tired businesswoman sleeping while sitting at the table with her colleagues.

    G-stockstudio / Getty Images

    2. Group of young business people in smart casual wear looking bored while sitting together at the table and looking away.

    Alex Serebryakov / Getty Images

    3. Man hiding under laptop.

    Grinvalds / Getty Images

    4. Woman overloaded with stuff at work.

    Grinvalds / Getty Images

    5. Businessman sleeping on monitor of computer on gray background.

    Master1305 / Getty Images

    6. Frightened businessman shielding himself with his hands from the drawings.

    Gearstd / Getty Images

    7. Overworked, depressed and exhausted businessman at his desk with a pile of work.

    Brianajackson / Getty Images

    8. Portrait of young businesswoman holding newborn crying babe while sitting with laptop and touching head with pained expression

    Fizkes / Getty Images

    9. Mature adult man working in the office.

    Elenaleonova / Getty Images

    10. Tired overworked freelancer working with a laptop in an office or home.

    Antonioguillem / Getty Images

    11. Strong headache is very problematic.

    Gpointstudio / Getty Images

    12. Very tired business woman fell asleep leaning on her hand.

    Vladimirfloyd / Getty Images

    13. Tired and exhausted young woman sleeping on printer in the office.

    Portishead1 / Getty Images

    14. She's close to her breaking point.

    Peopleimages / Getty Images

    15. Portrait of entrepreneur sleeping in the office with paperwork over her head.

    Creativaimages / Getty Images

    No caption necessary.

    16. Businesswoman with a key winder on her back.

    Xavigm / Getty Images

    17. Sad businesswoman.

    Diego Cervo / Getty Images

    18. Woman exhausted of her life.

    Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

    And, aren't we ALL exhausted of our lives?

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