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Sandra Oh Brought Her Parents To The Emmys And It's So Damn Cute


In case you somehow didn't know, it is Queen Sandra Oh's world and we are all just living in it!!!!

Rich Polk / Getty Images

She's nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series at the Emmys for her PHENOMENAL work in Killing Eve — and to celebrate the momentous night, she brought her parents along with her.

I mean, have you ever seen anything cuter and more precious in your entire life???

People really cannot get over how sweet it is:

Sandra Oh brought her parents as her date and her mom wore a hanbok that matched Sandra Oh's dress omg

can sandra oh's parents adopt me please?

Every time Sandra Oh gushes about her parents on the #Emmys red carpet an angel gets its wings.

Ok but I love Sandra Oh's parents and we can just end the Emmys now.

I mean, she even introduced them to Milo Ventimiglia — and he is SO BLESSED to have been in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Oh!!!!!

Sandra Oh introducing Milo Ventimiglia to her parents.... SHUT UP this is so precious. stuff like this is why I love the Emmys.



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