21 Tweets About The "Prince Of Egypt" Soundtrack That Are So Accurate

    BRB, listening to "The Plagues" on repeat.

    Hello, hello. We've made it to Prince of Egypt season, which means it's now ~slightly~ more socially acceptable that all I ever listen to on Spotify is "The Plagues" on repeat.

    Because, while there's SO much to love about the 1998 DreamWorks film (the cast! the animation! the story!), it's just an objective fact that it has one of the best animated movie soundtracks of all time. SORRY, BUT IT'S TRUE.

    Don't believe me? Well, I suggest blasting the soundtrack and reading these 21 tweets as cold hard evidence:


    DreamWorks: all right, Hans, we're going to need some music for The Prince of Egypt. Can you take care of it? Hans Zimmer: sure thing, just give me a sec to climb the stairs to heaven and dip this blank music sheet into a pool of angel's tears, brb.


    Ya ever listen to The Plagues on The Prince of Egypt and identify more with the plagues than Moses or Ramses? 🎶I send the locust on a wind Such as the world has never seen. On every leaf on every stalk Until there’s nothing left of GREEN🎶


    *watching Prince of Egypt* *gets to plagues*


    Do you ever just like Remember the music in Prince of Egypt


    ...we can all agree Prince of Egypt has the best soundtrack of any animated movie right?


    "the plagues" from the prince of egypt had no right to slam so hard


    The Prince of Egypt soundtrack is filled with bops


    Whitney and Mariah gave us the spiritual duet of the decade on Prince of Egypt.


    “Miracles Happen (When You Believe)” from The Princess Diaries soundtrack “When You Believe” (There Can Be Miracles) from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack both absolute bops


    The Prince of Egypt movie honestly has a few bops and


    Blah blah blah infinity war crossover or something haha ambitious Prince of Egypt:


    Wanted: One (1) man to sing "The Plagues (Prince of Egypt)" at Karaoke with me Compensation: The joy of singing the best song from The Prince of Egypt


    me: "i can watch the prince of egypt without crying, i am a grownup" "the sting of the whip on my shoulder"


    concept: a rave, but we just play songs from the prince of egypt soundtrack


    Honestly if you don’t get lit to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, what are you doing with your life


    Prince of Egypt soundtrack? 🗣STRAIGHT!!BOPS!!🗣


    whenever i listen to whitney and mariah sing when you believe from the prince of egypt


    it’s Prince of Egypt season I’m gonna have Deliver Us stuck in my head all day


    Sister: Do you have enough music for your roadtrip? Me: Totally. *loops Plagues song from Prince of Egypt for 5 hours*


    Prince of Egypt is still One Of The Most Iconic Masterpieces™ ever made and if you don’t agree, hit that unfollow button right now


    The Prince of Egypt is still one of the greatest animated movies ever. The music, The story, The quality. 100% perfection