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    There Are Two Main Theories About This "Frozen 2" Character And I Need The Truth

    "Did Anna and Kristoff have a baby?"

    The Frozen II trailer dropped this morning, and I still haven't thought of anything else!

    And, while there's a million things to notice in the 2-minute clip, eagle-eyed fans can't stop talking about these two characters who show up:

    the frozen 2 trailer just showed us two new characters!!! tag yourself i am the one going up in a plume of leaves and chaos with no control over my destiny but still appreciating the aesthetic

    And, even more specifically about HER:

    Even Princess Anna herself (Kristen Bell) stirred the pot a bit:

    And, based on the replies to Kristen's tweet, there are two prevailing theories about her:

    That's right. THEORY 1: She's Elsa's girlfriend (!!!!!!!!!):


    you WILL say elsa’s girlfriend!

    frozen 2 teaser trailer: shows a new girl character me, immediately: elsa’s girlfriend

    THEORY 2: She's Anna and Kristoff's daughter!

    my first thought when i seen these two new characters was that some time has passed and they are anna and kristoff’s kids. twins maybe? but anna and kristoff don’t look like they have aged 😅 #Frozen2

    Anna and Kristoff's kids?

    Omg could they be Anna’s kids?! I mean the girl def looks like Anna and don’t tell me the boy doesn’t look like Kristoff! #Frozen2 #FrozenII

    While either of these would be awesome in my opinion (especially the girlfriend theory, because it's about dang time!!!) my biggest hesitation is the age thing. She looks like she might be too young to be dating Elsa...

    okay i changed my mind, elsa having a girlfriend in frozen 2 would be my hopes and dreams come true buuuuuut the girl they showed in the trailer looks too young to be with elsa so i think yall getting your hopes too high for them being together

    ...but also too old to be Anna and Kristoff's kid? I mean how much time has REALLY passed???

    I really hope these are just some random new characters or a flashback and that they are not Anna and Kristoff children. Anna having kids it's just... Weird... She is 18? And even with a time jump it will still feel weird

    So my friends/co-workers and I also started theorizing. Here's one thought that my friend Lauren had...

    She’s Elsa’s daughter with some rando (obviously before she realized she was gay). Looks like she has hands that get really hot (see her hot hands) so like, maybe she got powers from her mom, Elsa, but they are the opposite of her powers (fire + ice).

    ...and she had this idea too:

    She’s a THIRD sister that Elsa and Anna’s parents had before they died but while they were stranded somewhere. So she like, grew up alone in the woods. And she can manipulate leaves just like Elsa can do things with ice.

    Which my friend Nora ALSO thought could be a possibility:

    Since we know about Elsa and Anna's parents leaving and seemingly dying, she could be a long lost sister?!

    And, honestly, that theory is my front-runner at the moment. But the beautiful thing is, we could all be totally wrong anyway!

    In any event, I'm so beyond ready for some answers later this year.