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People Are Calling This The Most Empowering Moment In "Bachelor" History

"Man, you're imperfect, and isn't that amazing?"

Why, hello! I'm here to talk about one of the most amazing moments in Bachelor history — and I don't mean that in a Chris Harrison kinda way. This one will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Last night, we finally saw the show's much-hyped two-on-one date between Kendall and Krystal.


No, it wasn't some bonus Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode, I swear.

First, Arie chatted with Krystal: They cleared the air about last week's drama, and then Krystal proceeded to throw Kendall under the bus by telling Arie that Kendall wasn't "ready for marriage" and that she "doesn't even know why she's here."

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After that, Arie confronted Kendall about what Krystal had said. Kendall thought it was "pretty cruel" that Krystal felt the need to say that stuff to Arie behind her back.


Up until that moment, the date seemed to be headed toward normal, catty, two-on-one territory — but then Kendall did something pretty amazing. Instead of fighting back, she tried to find a way to empathize with Krystal. I'm just going to leave her whole speech here because it's important:

I dated someone like you before, where in the face of conflict they have told me things that really hurt me. I guess I learned that saying the thing that's most hurtful doesn't necessarily mean you win. It means you hurt somebody. I can definitely empathize with you...I feel like you have so much beauty in you. Like, I 100% see that. You've been through a lot. You've been through so much. You've been through a lot of pain — like, more pain than I can even understand. It feels very controlled. I don't think you should try to control it.
I think you should just — man, I feel like the most beautiful moments I've ever had with somebody and the moments I've been able to connect with somebody are the moments I feel like I acted like a fool or acted imperfect. Man, you're imperfect. And isn't that amazing?

Ummmm, I'm sobbing.


Krystal was seemingly unimpressed and just replied, "I don't really have words..."


But *the internet* was blown away by Kendall's compassion in the face of conflict:

Instead of falling into the "catty woman" trope of the two-on-one date, Kendall led with empathy. I call this a FEMINISM WIN! #TheBachelor

guys i regret to announce that i've left my husband to spend my life pursuing kendall, the only person who can heal my soul #TheBachelor

Are we sure Krystal is a coach, because Kendall just life coached the f*ck out of her!?!?!? #thebachelor

I don't care what happens, Kendall just won The Bachelor. #TheBachelor

Have I just witnessed the most compassionate moment in #bachelor history???????

Even celebs and members of Bachelor Nation were amazed:

Holy shit Kendall’s speech to Krystal was so real and beautiful #bachelor

I love Kendall so much. What a beautiful, empathetic, compassionate human. She deserves the rose and I’m afraid she…

we could all be a little more like kendall. ❤️

Love that she broke the traditional shit talking on this two on one and didn’t feel the need to defend herself #amazing #TheBachelor

I really hope Kendall is the Goodwill Ambassador for the Winter games. (The actual olympics) ((and also the bachelor winter games))

Kendall made me tear up! So well spoken! U go girl!

Kendall, for her part, simply tweeted out her favorite quote — and it's something we can all learn from. 🙏

No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted 😊❤️ Favorite quote!!

And, in case you didn't watch, Kendall got the rose — which means Krystal was sent home. 👋