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    Posted on Dec 15, 2017

    Nick Jonas Says He'd Never Let Sophie Turner Spoil "Game Of Thrones" For Him

    "I told her, don't even hint..."

    Back in October, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas announced their engagement, and no one was more thrilled for them than Nick Jonas:

    And, since Nick Jonas is also a huge Game of Thrones fan, you might think that he'd have access to insider scoop from Sansa Stark herself now that she's marrying into his family.


    But when Nick sat down with People Now, he explained that even if Sophie wanted to offer up spoilers (which she can't because she's probably signed like a trillion agreements) he wouldn't want to know anything:

    I'm a big Game of Thrones guy... the Red Wedding really messed me up... I don't want to spoil [the show]. I told her, "Don't even hint." I don't want to hear.

    Even though he's not getting scoop from Sophie, Nick has nothing but amazing things to say about her relationship with his older brother.

    "I'm very close to Joe... it was clear to me early on that this relationship was one that was meant to be. Their connection is beautiful and their support system is incredible and everything that you'd hope you would find in your soulmate. I'm so happy."

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