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    17 Tweets That'll Make You Realize Just How Long March Has Felt

    "Today is March 98th…"

    1. Okay, so, we can all agree that with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and weeks of social distancing, March has felt…long.

    this a long ass month tf is it March 51st

    2. It has felt like A YEAR.

    March really been one long ass year.

    3. No, scratch that, it's felt like A DECADE.

    4. I mean, the Oscars were LAST MONTH and not 72 years ago!!!!

    Bong Joon Ho won his Oscars for Parasite last month, in case you wanted to know how long this decade of a month has been.


    6. LAST. MONTH.

    this happened last month and it feels like ages

    7. And it wasn't just the Oscars! THE SUPER BOWL and this viral moment? Also last month!

    8. Psst…that means BABY NUT happened lAsT mOntH.

    Absolutely flabbergasting to think that technically Baby Nut was introduced to the world "last month"

    9. All of these candidates were still in the race IN MARCH!!!

    fun fact: Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Mike Bloomberg were still candidates for president *this month*

    10. The teens have rapidly aged!

    march was so long millie bobby brown is 90

    11. The aliens are confused!

    [ufo lands on march 1st] alien 1: where did they all go alien 2: they’ll come out lol they always do [march 27th] alien 1: does it normally take this long

    12. January is feeling smug right now.

    At the beginning of 2020 we joked about how long January was. Now March has been going on for 5 months

    13. Reaaaaaaaal smug.

    January 2020: I’m going to feel like the longest month you’ve ever experienced. March 2020: Hold my hand sanitizer.

    14. February is laughing at us all.

    2020 so far: January - 31 days but felt like three months February - 29 days but felt like 10 minutes March - somehow not over yet but has literally been 76 years long

    15. Guys, it's only the third month of 2020!

    Remember when we said january was too long and february was too short? Well hows your 65th March bitch

    16. And, uhhhhhh…

    Y’all thought March was long, April about to be even longer lol

    17. In conclusion.

    Me: I'm glad March is over. T.S. Eliot: April is the cruelest month. Me: Just shut the fuck up.