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    Lili Reinhart And Cole Sprouse's Valentine's Day Posts Honestly Made Me Grin Like An Idiot

    "You make me very happy."

    At this point, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have blessed our timelines with so much adorable couple content, that it's hard to believe they hadn't even made their Met Gala couple debut at this point last year.

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    And this Valentine's Day they took things to the next level with posts that were so damn adorable. But just to highlight how much has changed, here are their posts compared to what they posted on Valentine's Day 2018...

    Lili's post from Valentine's Day 2018: "Heyyyy cutie, be mine this V Day? Luv, your basic boi 🌷"

    Lili's post from Valentine's Day 2019: "You make me very happy. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love."



    Cole's post from Valentine's Day 2018: This photo.

    Cole's post from Valentine's Day 2019: "Quite actually the only thing keeping me sane is @lilireinhart"



    Wow, this plot development is off the charts!!!! Can't wait for Valentine's Day 2020!


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