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Kylie Jenner Dressed Like Sharpay And The Internet Is Roasting Her For It

Iced tea imported from England...

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Sharpay Evans is having a MOMENT. First there was the very important theory about her actually being the hero of High School Musical, and now Kylie Jenner is even dressing like her:

And Twitter has NOTICED.

iced tea imported from england lifeguards imported from spain towels imported from turkey and turkey imported fro… https://t.co/UMj3eoqL2o

@GIRLposts Sharpay is THE queen Kylie.... MEH

Don't ever disrespect Sharpay Evans like that again. https://t.co/OwQQRTiAax

I know Kylie is feeling herself but there's only room for one Sharpay Evans on this earth

there's only one Sharpay Evans, and it's not you, Kylie. https://t.co/eLdcX0I7Pt

But there's obviously only one explanation:

Conspiracy theory: Sharpay Evans died and was replaced by a clone named Kylie Jenner

Thank you, glorious internet, for all the wonders you behold.

Avril Lavigne and Sharpay Evans have made a comeback in 2017

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