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Kylie Jenner Dressed Like Sharpay And The Internet Is Roasting Her For It

Iced tea imported from England...

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Sharpay Evans is having a MOMENT. First there was the very important theory about her actually being the hero of High School Musical, and now Kylie Jenner is even dressing like her:

And Twitter has NOTICED.

iced tea imported from england lifeguards imported from spain towels imported from turkey and turkey imported fro…

@GIRLposts Sharpay is THE queen Kylie.... MEH

Don't ever disrespect Sharpay Evans like that again.

I know Kylie is feeling herself but there's only room for one Sharpay Evans on this earth

there's only one Sharpay Evans, and it's not you, Kylie.

Even Queen Ashley Tisdale agreed...

Twitter / Via @ashleytisdale

But there's obviously only one explanation:

Conspiracy theory: Sharpay Evans died and was replaced by a clone named Kylie Jenner

Thank you, glorious internet, for all the wonders you behold.

Avril Lavigne and Sharpay Evans have made a comeback in 2017

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