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    15 Times Kim Kardashian Was A Total "Sex And The City" Fangirl

    But is she more of a Carrie or a Samantha?

    It's been 19 years since Sex and the City premiered, and I've accidentally discovered that Kim Kardashian is the show's biggest fangirl of all time.

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    Here's all the proof:

    1. She just appreciates that she found an extremely cerebral show that just *gets* her:

    These Sex & The City quotes are deep. Sometimes what Carrie writes hits so close to home!

    2. She has strong opinions on Carrie's boyfriends. From Alexander...

    Anyone remember Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend Alexander, the painter? He creeps me out

    3. To the one and only Mr. Big.

    So true! RT @ForeverMalika: When Mr. Big shows up in Paris to take Carrie home... Never gets old.

    4. She was so excited for the Sex and the City movie, that she even used this fun little pun:

    About to get "Carrie"-d Away.... Sex and the City time!

    5. And after she saw it, she HAD to tweet with Lindsay Lohan about it immediately.

    Sooo good! Fashion was crazy! A must see! How r u feeling? RT @lindsaylohan - @KimKardashian how was Sex and the City?

    6. She's such a stan that she acutally sat through the entire second movie and was even able to recall a CLASSIC throwback to Season 1:

    Watched Sex and The City2 yest on the plane and LOVE how Carrie wore that Dior newspaper print dress from season 1 on her date w Big CLASSIC

    7. The obsession rolls so deep, she even gets her fashion inspo from Carrie Bradshaw:

    I'm channeling Carrie today! A little Sex & The City swag!

    8. "Carrie and her friends dressed super glam in the sand dunes of Dubai, so I went and dressed super glam in the sand dunes of Dubai."

    Sex & The City moment walking the sand dunes in Dubai

    9. Seriously, her trip to Dubai was so fucking extra it's like Darren Star wrote it himself:

    Serious Sex & The City swag going on, on this airplane to Dubai! The best plane I've ever been on!!! Dubai are u ready???

    10. She also brought those SATC vibes to the ACTUAL city:

    11. And even all the way to Paris, mon ami!

    Fajer, @robscheppy & @AtkinJen... How Sex & The City was our midnight cafe dinner in Paris....awwww miss you guys already!

    12. She's such a Carrie Bradshaw-lovin' goddess, that she gave away some SATC-inspired fashion to us plebes: I'm giving away some SATC inspired @shoedazzle shoes!!!

    13. Don't worry, this content wasn't #spon at all!

    I love that E! always plays the Sex & the City movie! I'm obsessed with Carrie & Mr. Big! #cutestcoupleever!

    14. Seriously no one asked Kim to watch Sex and the City on E!, the coincidental same network as her own show, she just loves it so goddamn much.

    Sex & The City being on E! changes EVERYTHING! My nights just got better and sexier!

    15. The obsession is so real and so pure.

    Sex & the City never gets old!!!! Still obsessed!

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