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Mar 5, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence Giving Emma Stone Shit Is Literally All Of Us As A Friend

"We all have that one asshole friend and Jennifer Lawrence is Emma Stone's..."

This awards season, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence have solidified themselves as those celebrity friends who are JUST LIKE US!

Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

Naturally, the pair sat next to each other at the Academy Awards last night — which blessed us with many funny moments and faces:

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images, Kyle Grillot / AFP / Getty Images

But there was one joke that really let us see the kind of friends these two are. During his monologue, Jimmy Kimmel referenced that awful Moonlight/La La Land mix-up from last year:


"This year, when you hear your name called, don't get up right away... Give us a minute."

The camera cut to La La Land star Emma Stone and here's how her pal J. Law reacted:

jennifer laughing at emma’s face i can’t lmaoooooo

Why yes, that was a belly laugh and point!!!!!


Because that's just the kind of friend Jennifer is!

We all have that one asshole friend and Jennifer Lawrence is Emma Stone's

People couldn't get enough of the pair and deemed them the ultimate friendship goals:

I need to be besties with #EmmaStone and #JenniferLawrence they are hilarious! 💁🏻💃#Oscars

I want a friendship like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma stones thank u v much

I want to third wheel Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone's friendship so bad

Please keep hanging out and providing us with endless entertainment, you two!

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