I Just Need You To See Ariana Grande's British Vogue Cover Right Now

    "omg I've never seen you like this" — Katy Perry

    Hello, happy Monday! Ariana Grande is on the cover of British Vogue and I'm just going to cut to the chase: It's fucking beautiful.

    I mean, I honestly gasped! Look at this hair-down, fresh-faced LOOK!

    Ariana gratefully shared the news on Instagram and Twitter, and everyone collectively lost their minds immediately.

    thank you @britishvogue ♡ I don’t even know where to begin to express my love and gratitude @edwardenninful ☁️ shot by @craigmcdeanstudio love n thanks to @kphelan123 @chrisappleton1 @markcarrasquillo https://t.co/j3VSawm9j9

    Celebs are completely shook:

    They seriously cannot get enough!

    Gigi dedicated 12 exclamation points to the cause, it's that good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's taking over the internet!

    my entire tl is Ariana on the cover of British Vogue and i love it

    It's single-handedly solving problems!

    I just had a breakdown and then I saw @ArianaGrande ‘s British Vogue cover and all my problems went away

    It's the most beautiful growth story ever!

    Ariana went from “Teen Vogue” to “British Vogue” I love this song.

    Okay, hope your day is just a little more blessed now! THE END!