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    17 Hilarious Things Lil Nas X Has Tweeted About "Old Town Road"

    "Lmao I made 'Old Town Road'..."

    1. When he foreshadowed this entire post:

    me and bro laughing about all the upcoming old town road tweets i’m about to create

    2. When he revealed his excellent album tracklist:

    my debut album “old town roads” is dropping soon featuring 1. old town road 2. old town road (billy ray cyrus remix) 3. old town road (bass boosted) 4. old town road (young thug remix) 5. old town road (interlude) 6. old town road (10 hour loop) 7. old town road (acapella)

    3. When he got some tough news from his record label:

    me when my label tells me i have to release songs other than new versions of old town road

    4. When he gave his fans the ultimate trivia question:

    oh you a lil nas x fan? name 3 versions of old town road 🤔

    5. When he had this fun fact about working with Billy Ray Cyrus on the remix:

    not even being funny he was showing me an another verse he had for old town road and these were the first lyrics

    6. When he acted out his first appearance on "Ellen the Generous"...

    me and ellen the generous when i go on her show: 👦🏾: i make old town road :) 👦🏼: omg niceee 😎

    7. ...and then when he was corrected and said this:

    @Trinitythehappy is she not generous ??

    8. When he gave us a peak at a Lil Nas X concert:

    at my first concert i’m gonna sit on stage tweeting the whole night with old town road on loop in the background

    9. When he knew exactly the right way to reward his fans:

    when old town road goes diamond i’m sending all my followers a copy of phineas & ferb season 3 on blu ray

    10. When he shared his success:

    all this old town road money paying off 😍😍

    11. When he looked far into the future:

    the year is 2050, stuart little is president, the 10 year world war led by shrek & thanos has ended. old town road has reached its 1,615th week at number one and brother nature has stopped global warming. the world is at peace.

    12. When a lot of time passed without a new tweet:

    damn i haven’t tweeted about old town road in 5 whole minutes

    13. When he was just reflecting a bit:

    14. When he appealed to his fans who love the rest of his work in addition to "Old Town Road":

    for people who know my other songs besides old town road what’s your favorite one

    15. When he was disturbed by this CNN news story, but also wanted to do more promo:

    @CNN wtf!!! i made old town road btw

    16. When he was very aware of how much he's posting about "Old Town Road":

    my followers telling me to stop posting old town road related content

    17. And finally, just...this simple-yet-effective tweet: