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A Deep Dive Into The Celeb "Shallow" Covers

They're off the deep end!

Well, we've finally made it! The Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper "Shallow" concert, which some people are calling the 91st Academy Awards, is this Sunday.

And, just like the rest of us normies, the stars REALLY love "Shallow"!

To prove it, I've gathered the most important celeb renditions of "Shallow" to date and I'm doing you the great service of not including my own shower version because, despite what my grandmother thinks, I am not a celebrity.

1. Nick Jonas's black and white acoustic rendition, shot by his loving wife Priyanka Chopra, sponsored by The New York Yankees (I'm joking, but am I?):

In honor of Oscar weekend... such a beautiful song 🎶 🎥 @priyankachopra


1) Nick makes the creative choice to change the lyrics from "off the deep end" to "on the deep end."

2) He obviously sounds very pretty and dreamy, though I would have loved to hear his "AHHHhhhhhhAA-AHHHHHH-AHHHH" riff. What can you do, though?

3) Did I mention Priyanka (his wife, Priyanka!) yes...PRIYANKA CHOPRA casually shot this video whilst they were casually sitting on their couch?

2. Lea Michele and Darren Criss's "This is what the Glee episode about A Star Is Born would have sounded like" rendition:

Tonight.. Shallow. This was my dream. I ❤️ you @DarrenCriss #LMDCtour


1) Lea understands that if you're sharing a portion of a "Shallow" cover on Twitter to show off your range, this is the only clip that matters. I respect the game and the hustle.

2) Here's what you missed on Glee: Mr. Schue is aghast when the New Directions kids reveal that they thought the NEW A Star is Born is the ONLY A Star Is Born, so he assigns the class an old movie musical marathon. Guys, I can't keep going with this plot, but just know that the episode wraps with Rachel and Blaine each singing about their respective relationships in an emotional duet.

3) Okay but honestly, Lea KILLED that.

3. Kelly Clarkson singing "Shallow" but it could also be a rendition of "The Phone Book" and it would still sound perfect, obviously:

kelly clarkson singing shallow is such a holy experience IM CRYING


1) I love that Kelly is technically wine-tipsy in this clip and still sounds perfect.

2) Like????? How is this woman real?

3) That's all I have to say other than this is NOT what I sounded like after one glass of wine (and some tequilas) at karaoke a few weeks ago. Obviously.

4. Rachel Zegler (aka the new Maria in West Side Story, aka she gets to make out with Ansel Elgort) solidifying her future EGOT with this one cover rendition:

someone: you use autotune😤😤😤😤 me:


1) I have not been this intimidated by a 17-year-old since I was a 17-year-old.

2) OMG, this girl!!!!!!!!!! She sings! She tweets like a pro! Give her all the awards already.

3) I need to see West Side Story IMMEDIATELY.

5. And, finally, the "Jackson Maine crashed the stage but this time we were HAPPY about that" rendition:

FULL VIDEO 2 (HD): Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper perform “Shallow” in Vegas.


1) Obviously this isn't a "cover" but it is the single most important surprise rendition of "Shallow" to date, so it must be included. I don't make the rules.

2) Watch it and you'll feel happy. I promise.

3) Holy shirt balls, I'm excited for The Oscars.

Please let me know if there are any other important "Shallow" covers you've heard, because the world is truly deep enough for a limitless amount of "Shallow" covers!