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    I'm Obsessed With Courteney Cox Forgetting Who Joshua Was On "Friends"

    "Who's Joshua?"

    A few weeks ago, Courteney Cox shared this photo of herself with Charlie Puth, Lisa Kudrow, and Judd Apatow. At the time I was kind of like…hmm, OK? Interesting! I guess they're F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

    Well, yesterday, Billboard dropped a very fun video of Courteney testing Charlie (a self-proclaimed Friends superfan) on his Friends knowledge.

    The whole thing is really fun to watch, and Courteney clearly remembers A LOT from her time on the show. She even shares one of her favorite lines of all time:


    You know, the moment with Phoebe Buffay and the Nestlé Toll House cookies. A classic.

    But there's one thing that really stumps her. Courteney asks the question: "What does Rachel dress up as to get Joshua's attention at Emily's going-away party?"

    Warner Brothers

    The answer is her cheerleading outfit.

    And Courteney immediately asks:

    Billboard / Via

    And Charlie goes, "Really???" and explains that Joshua is, of course, Rachel's boyfriend, the one she meets as a personal shopper at Bloomingdale's.

    Warner Brothers

    Then Courteney is reminded that it's the role played by Tate Donovan, and goes: "Oh, that's Tate? That actually was her boyfriend at one time."

    David Keeler / Getty Images

    They dated for two years in the '90s and broke up right before filming his Friends arc together.

    Anyway, the video only reaffirmed for me that Courteney Cox is so adorable and so fun. But I can't believe she forgot Joshua, simply because I'll never be able to get this pronunciation out of my head:

    Warner Brothers

    I can literally hear this GIF, but then again, they filmed the show for a full decade! That's 236 episodes' worth of information to retain.

    Honestly, watch the whole thing because it's full of Friends nostalgia and Charlie really does nail it.

    View this video on YouTube

    Congrats on your Geller Cup, Charlie!

    Billboard / Via

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