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Cole Sprouse Just Hilariously Roasted The Shit Out Of Himself On Twitter

It was the perfect response to a tweet from Lili!

Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and Cole Sprouse being goddamn hilarious and self-deprecating on Twitter. Exhibit A:

Attention all media outlets: if I ever get arrested for anything please use this as the tabloid photo-

Exhibit B:

I've had nicknames my whole life: dumbass, shithead, numbnuts. All in good fun!

You get the point!

Anyway, the other night, Cole took to Twitter to air a big grievance of his:

Shame the closest thing men get to lingerie is minion® apparel.

[Take a moment to picture Cole rocking some Minion apparel.]

Universal Pictures

In response to that gem, his Riverdale costar, Lili Reinhart, decided to take the joke to the next level:

But since Cole is king of hilarious clapbacks, he didn't waste a minute tweeting back with the best response:

@lilireinhart Naw that ones way too big


Universal Pictures

Fans were losing their damn minds over the whole exchange:

@allykatlinn @Kayzadoll_ @izzzyhi @colesprouse @lilireinhart Oh my lord he roasted himself

@izzzyhi @colesprouse @lilireinhart

Honestly, SAME. RIP ME. Now, here's one last Minion GIF for good measure.

Universal Pictures

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