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Cole Sprouse Caught A Fan Googling Him And Hilariously Called Her Out On Instagram

"I never thought he'd see me google him!"

If you follow Cole Sprouse on Instagram, you know he has a history of hilariously putting fans on blast:

Well, yesterday, Cole caught 19-year-old college student Janani Krishnan-Jha secretly googling him at an ice cream shop in Hawaii and decided to share it on his Instagram story...

...as well as his reaction to the whole thing:

Naturally, fans thought the whole encounter was hilarious AF:

this person googling who cole sprouse is right in front of cole sprouse absolutely made my day

The moment when u saw someone searching ur name on google @colesprouse sry for capturing but i couldn't stop laughi… https://t.co/XF7XkCXD8o

she be like "is that cole sprouse" *check on google* HAHAHA https://t.co/moQ6oZkMzE

After the whole thing went viral, Janani explained her side of the story. "I was waiting in line when I turned around and saw someone who looked eerily like Cole Sprouse," she told BuzzFeed. "I almost told him he looked a lot like Cole Sprouse, but then I realized that it might actually be him. Because I wasn't 100% sure yet."

"I decided to turn around and google the name quickly. (I actually googled Dylan Sprouse first, so I hope he didn't see that). I had no idea that he was looking, and thought the phone was sufficiently hidden, but I guess I didn't do a good enough job because when I turned to ask for a selfie, he smiled and told me he'd seen me google him. I told him I was embarrassed, and we laughed and took a selfie!"

Janani says that despite the funny circumstances, Cole was a sweetheart during the selfie. "Even though I never thought he'd see me google him, I thought his reaction was extremely funny. I'm glad there were no hard feelings, and that I got to meet a childhood hero of mine!"