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    17 Chrissy Teigen Food Tweets That Are Relatable AF

    "I'm the asshole on "Naked and Afraid" whose two things would be salt and chili flakes..."

    1. When she had an important question about chocolate powder:

    2. When she tried to make her own pho:

    My pho is currently at effort-level 1,000 and taste level 10. My official tip of the day is to order a $5 bowl and never attempt.

    3. When she revealed what she truly can't live without:

    I'm the asshole on "naked and afraid" whose two things would be salt and chili flakes

    4. When she had some OPINIONS on Hardee's:

    Someone told me Hardee's was "basically Carl's Jr" and it's basically fucking not I'm choking.

    5. When she discovered a new type of pie:

    Why am I just now learning about chocolate chess pie?? Why does no one I know speak of this pie?? Keeping beautiful…

    6. When she got confused at Trader Joe's:

    i can't tell who is an employee and who is a customer at trader joe's or southwest airlines

    7. When she feared for her life:

    Just ordered Chinese food from a place with fried intestine and blood congee and while I didn't order those things, I still feel might die

    8. When she had some questions about some chips:

    These were very tasty. Are they some sort of BBQ/salt and vinegar hybrid? Two thumbs up

    9. When she slept through Outback night:

    when outback steakhouse flies people out to teach you to make a bloomin onion but you pass out

    10. When she revealed her true feelings about Milky Way bars:

    "sorry, i was eating a milky way" more like "sorry i was eating a milky way" lol milky ways suck

    11. When she posted some NSFW food porn:

    12. When she obsessed over mustard:

    i just made a hot mustard dressing and put it in a tiny jar to store in my fridge and it's so fucking cute. my day is so incredibly boring

    13. When she had too much fun with Fun Dip:

    I ate fun dip with my fingers last night and I'm stained and Grammys are tomorrow. I've tried everything please help

    14. When she made an important observation about Cap'n Crunch:

    cap'n crunch is like if you made gnocchi out of a stick of butter

    15. When she couldn't fucking deal with fancy ice cream:

    16. When she broke up with KFC:

    17. ...And entered into a relationship with Applebee's instead:

    Please never stop food tweeting, Chrissy!