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    Here Are All The "Cheer" Stars Who Are On Cameo Now

    You can get your own personal mat talk from Jerry!

    If you're like me (and the rest of the world), you're more than a little bit obsessed with Netflix's Cheer and would consider spending some $$$ for a personal shoutout from some of Navarro's finest.

    1. Well, the good news is a lot of the cast is on Cameo to make your mat talk dreams come true. Here's the list, along with their prices.

    If you're unfamiliar, Cameo is a place where you can buy personalized shoutouts from a pretty substantial list of celebs and influencers.

    2. Jerry Harris for $50:

    Cameo/Jerry Harris / Via

    3. Gabi Butler for $50:

    Cameo/Gabi Butler / Via

    4. Lexi Brumback for $40:

    Cameo/Lexi Brumback / Via

    5. Morgan Simianer for $30:

    Cameo/Morgan Simianer / Via

    6. La'Darius Marshall for $25:

    Cameo/Ladarius Marshall / Via

    7. Allie Ross for $17:

    Cameo/Allie Ross / Via

    8. James Thomas for $20:

    Cameo/James Thomas / Via

    9. Dillon Brandt for $20:

    Cameo/Dillon Brandt / Via

    10. TT Barker for $20:

    Cameo/TT Barker / Via

    11. Shannon Woolsey for $20:

    Cameo/Shannon Woolsey / Via

    12. Javon Kendrick for $20:

    Cameo/Javon Kendrick / Via

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