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    23 Gal Gadot Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum

    She really is a wonder woman!

    1. When she finally downloaded tweeter:

    Omg!! I can't believe I finally downloaded tweeter app to my IPhone.. Better late than never.. Ready or not here I come!

    2. But she couldn't figure out how to use it...

    Can someone pLEasE guide me ! I can't seem to work this twitter out!!!

    3. When she was accidentally spamming her friends with diet info:

    Please IGNORE all the spam tweets regarding the weight lose!!! Its not me..

    4. When she introduced the dog of her life:

    5. When she was hard at work:

    6. When she said ALOHA to The Rock:

    @TheRock Aloha big guy!! miss you double!! I will bring the shawarma if you will treat me for a workout... Gotta burn those carbs..

    7. When she was happy it was hump day:

    It's Wednesday, the wknd is almost here! Have a fun & productive day :) xoxo #HumpDay

    8. When she addressed the struggle that is jet leg:

    So jet legged..! Hate it when I can't find the right position.. Hope you guys are having some good night sleep.

    9. When she loved this monkey more than this man:

    I'm inlove with Maximus!!! (the monkey. Not the man in the picture!..)

    10. When she had a light afternoon snack:

    Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.. My tip- be proactive!Have a creative week y'all

    11. When she loved a photo so much...

    #lovemyfans #heart #working #love

    12. ...that she just tweaked it with a new filter and caption.

    Have a great weekend everyone! Χ©Χ‘Χͺ Χ©ΧœΧ•Χ!

    13. Which is something...

    Like Denim? ;) #Ilovedenim #jeans

    14. She REALLY...

    Who doesn't like Denim? ;) #throwbackthursday #tbt #castro

    15. Likes to do...

    16. Like, a lot.

    "With will one can do anything!" Samuel Smiles

    17. When she shared this great Will Smith pun:

    Getting Jagi with it! #ftype @JaguarUSA

    18. When she expressed her love for a good TBT:

    I love #throwbackThursday don't you?

    19. When she tried to @ Eleanor Roosevelt:

    I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday @eleanorroosevelt

    20. When she massaged Chris Pine's head:

    When I looked like #Chucky and gave #ChrisPine a weird head rub πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜† #TBT

    21. When she photobombed Cher:

    22. When she had four faces in four photos but thought it was one photo? IDK.

    4 faces... 1 photo... what do you think? #fashion #photoshoot

    23. And when she loved your tweets as much as you love hers that she had to Photoshop them into her movie poster:

    I try to read all your tweets & its an amazing feeling knowing how much you all care & support, THANK YOU! xo #love


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