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23 Gal Gadot Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum

She really is a wonder woman!

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1. When she finally downloaded tweeter:

Omg!! I can't believe I finally downloaded tweeter app to my IPhone.. Better late than never.. Ready or not here I come!

2. But she couldn't figure out how to use it...

Can someone pLEasE guide me ! I can't seem to work this twitter out!!!

3. When she was accidentally spamming her friends with diet info:

Please IGNORE all the spam tweets regarding the weight lose!!! Its not me..

4. When she introduced the dog of her life:


5. When she was hard at work:

6. When she said ALOHA to The Rock:

@TheRock Aloha big guy!! miss you double!! I will bring the shawarma if you will treat me for a workout... Gotta burn those carbs..

7. When she was happy it was hump day:

It's Wednesday, the wknd is almost here! Have a fun & productive day :) xoxo #HumpDay

8. When she addressed the struggle that is jet leg:

So jet legged..! Hate it when I can't find the right position.. Hope you guys are having some good night sleep.


9. When she loved this monkey more than this man:

I'm inlove with Maximus!!! (the monkey. Not the man in the picture!..)

10. When she had a light afternoon snack:

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.. My tip- be proactive!Have a creative week y'all

11. When she loved a photo so much...

#lovemyfans #heart #working #love

12. ...that she just tweaked it with a new filter and caption.

Have a great weekend everyone! שבת שלום!


13. Which is something...

Like Denim? ;) #Ilovedenim #jeans

14. She REALLY...

Who doesn't like Denim? ;) #throwbackthursday #tbt #castro

15. Likes to do...

16. Like, a lot.

"With will one can do anything!" Samuel Smiles


17. When she shared this great Will Smith pun:

Getting Jagi with it! #ftype @JaguarUSA

18. When she expressed her love for a good TBT:

I love #throwbackThursday don't you?

19. When she tried to @ Eleanor Roosevelt:

I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday @eleanorroosevelt

20. When she massaged Chris Pine's head:

When I looked like #Chucky and gave #ChrisPine a weird head rub 😁😜😆 #TBT


21. When she photobombed Cher:

Instagram: @gal_gadot

It's technically an Instagram post, but she also CHERed it on Twitter, so whatever.

22. When she had four faces in four photos but thought it was one photo? IDK.

4 faces... 1 photo... what do you think? #fashion #photoshoot

23. And when she loved your tweets as much as you love hers that she had to Photoshop them into her movie poster:

I try to read all your tweets & its an amazing feeling knowing how much you all care & support, THANK YOU! xo #love