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17 Times Dylan And Cole Sprouse Hilarious Trolled Each Other On Twitter In 2017

"Hey, can you return my fucking t-shirts too?"

1. When Dylan dropped some hilarious Zack and Cody *drama*:

2. When Cole had some thoughts about Dylan's new "party boy" status...

3. ...and Dylan had some drinking memories of his own:

@colesprouse You don’t really want to have that drinking contest again do you

Twitter / Via Twitter: @dylansprouse

4. When Cole found this very interesting footage of his twin:

Great footage of @dylansprouse

5. When Dylan felt a little underappreciated:

"Happy Birthday to the LOML @colesprouse and his brother, Green Mario!" - Riverdale fans today

6. When Cole only had one question about Dylan's return to acting...

Hey can you return my fucking t-shirts too?

7. ...and then Dylan clapped back with a perfect response:

@colesprouse I don't wear them, I use them as toilet paper

8. When Dylan had beef with Cats (the musical, not the animals):

9. When Dylan found a much better edit of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:

10. When Cole had fun with name games:

.@dylansprouse ? More like Dildo House.

11. When Dylan revealed how he sees Cole...

IN THEIR MINDS: @colesprouse is a very talented artist, not only can he act but he really captures human beauty in…

12. ...and then Cole revealed how he sees HIMSELF:

13. When Dylan offered up some good home organization advice to Cole:

14. When Dylan celebrated his brother's "acting" in the best way possible...

TONIGHT @colesprouse "acts" on a tv show and I will celebrate the brotherly doing an instagram live drinking game to it #riverdale

15. ...and then revealed his *true* feelings about Cole:

@colesprouse #riverdale #goodshow #but #notenoughCole #bringbackCole #nextweekmorecole

16. When Cole revealed his alternate identity:

17. And finally, when Dylan roasted himself but confirmed that all this A+ roasting is coming straight from the Sprouses themselves:

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