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    13 "The Kissing Booth" Secrets Joey King Revealed On Twitter

    There's one scene that literally made her throw up!

    Confession: I am so late to The Kissing Booth game. (And 100% too old for it.) Since I just watched, I've been scouring the internet for any information I can find about it, TBH.

    I came across a live-tweet session that star Joey King did a few weeks ago, and I learned so many good behind-the-scenes nuggets that I had to share them with all of you.

    1. Remember that jump that Lee (Joel Courtney) does into the pool? Yeah, that was a stunt double...phew!

    Fun fact, the HUGE jump from the roof to the pool that Joel does had to be a stunt double cuz the jump was so high and the water was so shallow

    2. Speaking of the pool, the house they used to film that scene had four pools. Lmao, just like my house!

    The house we filmed at was crazy. It had 4 pools. 4!!!!

    3. That paint fight between Elle and Lee was exactly as much fun as a it looked:

    The paint fight was one of the most fun days ever #thekissingbooth

    4. Joey had LITERALLY the same reaction as all of us to when that dude sneezed in her face at the beginning of the movie:


    5. Joey and Joel had the best time working on their scenes together, but here were some of her favorites:

    6. Speaking of the burger scene, Joey threw up after filming that because she had a very active scene to film right after.

    OH MY GOSH GUYS!!! Fun Fact!!! This burger scene was so amazing BUT I had a soccer scene right after and after eating the equivalent of 3 burgers....I threw up while trying to film my soccer scene

    7. The guys on set made Joey feel comfortable filming THAT locker room scene.

    I was so nervous about the locker room scene but all the guys were so so sweet and they made me feel like a fricken Badass #thekissingbooth

    8. The curtain scene between Noah and Elle required elaborate choreography to film.

    9. Molly Ringwald is every bit as iconic as I've ever dreamed.

    THERE SHE IS the iconiccccc @MollyRingwald!!! Btw guys she’s the nicest and so fun to work with #thekissingbooth

    10. That scene at the Hollywood sign was authentic and one of only a limited amount of scenes filmed in LA.

    We really got to film at the Hollywood sign! Was one of the few scenes we shot in LA. #TheKissingBooth

    11. There was one part of that DDR routine that didn't come easy to Joel during filming.

    @Joel_Courtney had a hard time with the spin in the DDR routine 😂

    12. This isn't a fact, I just needed you to see this ridiculously cute BTS pic of Joey and Joel on set.

    Rule number 468 always let your bestie take a nap on you in their prom dress (this rule is hella specific) @Joel_Courtney #TheKissingBooth

    13. Finally, you should definitely pay close attention to the end credits because that's where some of Joey's favorite cut scenes ended up.

    Okay, enjoy the rest of your day now!!!