14 Almost Daily Occurrences All Athletic Girls Will Immediately Understand

We like to play sports and go adventuring; no we’re not boys.

1. 1. Not being able to find jeans that fit, EVER

Youtube / Via Shit Soccer Girls Say
Shit Soccer Girls Say / Via Yutube.com

What are these things, straight jackets for your legs?!

3. 2. Loving being outside, mud and all

Mud makes your skin nice and protects you from the sun…and you can run through it in races now!

4. 3. Trying to Use Stairs After a Tough Run/Workout/Game/Lift

Shit Soccer Girls Say / Via Youtube.com

So daunting, can’t move, please no

7. 4. Loving heels and hiking boots (and cleats and sneakers) in equal parts.

I have an entire blog on exactly this subject. Click here to read about some of my adventures/ramblings.

Okay maybe not at the same time.

9. 5. Always playing Sporty Spice in Spice Girls group costumes

amen to that. we’re girls…who sometimes wear athletic clothing.
doesn’t mean we don’t wanna be posh sometimes.

12. 6. Getting Weird, Confused, or Creepy Looks from boys in the weight room

14. And all you want to do is lift in peace

Disney’s The Lion King / Via p.gr-assets.com

15. 7. Touting around a larger than normal butt

dat ass doe.

Black Eyed Peas / Via wordpress.com

I’m gonna wear leggings as pants, that’s what I’m gonna do.

17. But we’re still pretty proud of it because of this Nike Ad:

Find more big butt problems with Rega Jha’s Staff Post: 29 Struggles That Only People with Bigg Butts Will Understand

18. 8. Picking out workout clothes is like a Religious Experience

Nike / Via tumblr.com

So much spandex so little time

19. 9. Channeling our emotions into the game

Yahoo Sports / Via l1.yimg.com

just don’t take it as far as the Columbian chick did to poor Abby Wambach…

20. 10. Your roommate hating you for leaving smelly/sweaty clothes or shoes around the apartment

I promise I’ll wash it later…just kidding I probably won’t

22. 11. Not being able to workout because your uterus has decided you are enemy #1

Girls, HBO / Via gurl.tumblr.com

Ain’t nobody gonna do crunches or go running when this shit is happening. No sir.
Where’s the ice cream?

25. 12. Ice baths.

okay this is bad for all athletes.

26. 13. Missing out on fun stuff because you have to go to practice, usually at the butt crack of dawn

FOMO is a real problem.

27. And your friends tell you to come “next time”

I missed all the fun things.

28. 14. Being told you should let the men carry all the heavy things because you are far too delicate

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