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    Excuse Me, Here Is A Very Important Photo Of Chris Hemsworth's Arm

    And also his dog.

    Hello world. It's me, BuzzFeed's unofficial Hemsworth correspondent (still trying to work it into my title, don't worry).

    It's my duty to bring you all the important Hemsworth news. And today, I have a big announcement.

    It's this photo of Chris Hemsworth's arm. And the rest of him too. And also his dog.

    Now, you may be asking yourself, "Isn't this just a photo of Chris Hemsworth? How is this news?" To which I say, please turn your attention to exhibit A and exhibit B.

    Right about now you're probably asking, "Wait, someone got PAID to write this?!"

    To which I say, yes, yes I did.

    And you might be tempted to ask, "Oh so it's okay to objectify men and not women?! Isn't this just reverse sexism?!"

    To which I say, NO THAT'S NOT A THING, learn some basic Gender Studies 101, and understand the systemic power imbalances inherent in the patriarchy that render men as subjects even when viewed through the female gaze, therefore making it literally impossible for them to be objectified, i.e. reduced to nothing more than sexual objects.

    Also, there's a cute dog.

    Or you might want to ask, "Can I see the pic of Hemsworth's arm again though?" To which I say, OF COURSE YOU CAN.

    You're welcome.