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For Everyone Who Can’t Get Enough Of The Moms Of “Pretty Little Liars”

Petition to have a #WineMoms spin-off.

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The moms of Pretty Little Liars are like precious gemstones - gorgeous and valuable, but rarely seen and, let's be real, not very practical.

Judging by their limited screen time, the parent budget on the show apparently only extends to one or two of them each week - and that's if we're lucky.

But on this week's episode - the last before the mid-season finale - MAGIC happened when not one, not two, but ALL FOUR of the Liars' moms appeared on the show AND ALSO INTERACTED.

They drunk wine...


And spilled some truth...


They reminded us of their daughters...

But BETTER. Because #WineMoms.

And got the PLL fandom like...

And basically we all need a #WineMoms spin-off right now.

Or at least more screen time with these precious gems.

Because #WineMoms = ultimate squad goals.

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