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    35 Western Australian Number Plates That Need To Be Stopped


    1. This lepard.

    2. This Belieber.

    3. This sexbon.

    4. This nice guy.

    Yeah OK if you say so.

    5. This kewl dude.

    6. This fully sick bro.

    7. This sophisticated joke.

    8. This really proud car.

    9. This meat lover.

    10. This play on words.

    Please say it's a purposeful play on words.

    11. This confusing plate.

    Is it meant to be short for "preview"? Or "previous"? Or "preventative"? Any of these would be preferable to a misspelt "perv".

    12. This impossible feat of making "G'Day" even worse.

    13. This Bali fan.

    14. This backwards "move it".

    That actually looks more like "tie vom".

    15. This.

    16. This.

    17. This.

    18. This.

    19. THIS.

    20. Dem knees tho.

    21. MR 2 COOL.

    22. BDOG.

    23. GRUNTY.

    24. THANGOO.

    Thang oo? Than goo? WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAN.


    26. IT 8NT EZ.

    27. LOL.

    28. NO pink.

    29. Not THAT hrd, apparently.

    30. 7 a peel was just too expensive.

    31. Just waiting for mimate.

    32. Three guesses on what the D stands for.

    33. Nice try.

    34. You are not 4given.

    35. Just ugh.

    Translation: "If you're not two knuckles deep you're not deep enough."


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