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39 Crazy Photos Of The Hail Storm That Just Hit Sydney

#SydneyStorm came back with a vengeance.

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1. Days after Sydneysiders breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the storm that drenched the city, it returned...

Dean Nye

3. It seemed to come out of nowhere.

4. The hail fell thick and fast.

6. It almost looked like it was snowing.

10. Within minutes, the city was blanketed in white.

17. Several factories in Huntingwood collapsed after being pelted by hail.

Pics HUNTINGWOOD | roofs of several large factories collapsed - damage being assessed after hail storm.

18. Some parts of the city also flooded.


Cars swimming along the western distributor near Anzac Bridge #SydneyStorm

22. Some people out celebrating Anzac Day were caught in the storm.

24. Many reveled in weather.

32. Some responded as only true STRAYANS can.

Of course, there are some advantages. #SydneyWeather

36. And others just wanted to build "snow" men.