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    21 Weird Things Americans Are Obsessed With According To TV And Movies

    You all live in giant houses and have full breakfasts before work, right?

    Growing up in Australia, I watched A LOT of American movies and TV shows, and entirely formed my understanding of American culture from them.

    As a result, there are certain things I grew up believing were a totally normal part of American culture that seemed really weird for me. To this day, I have no idea how accurate some of these things are — but here's what movies and TV made me believe about America...

    1. Everyone lives in a big two-story house.

    The house from Home Alone, a two story mansion, decorated for Christmas
    20th Century Fox

    As a kid, I thought only rich people and Americans had an "upstairs."

    2. Unless they live in a city, in which case they have a huge apartment.

    Joey and Monica stand in the kitchen of Monica's apartment while Chandler and Phoebe sit on the couch in Friends

    Even if they have a low-paying job.

    3. Kids have huge bedrooms that they don’t have to share with siblings.

    The boy lies in bed and the grandfather stands next to it holding a book in The Princess Bride
    Buttercup Films

    Unless being stuck with the sibling is a plot point.

    4. And every house has a basement AND an attic...

    The basement from That '70s Show

    ...where all the hauntings and/or parties happen.

    5. And a garbage disposal in the sink...

    A hand goes into a garbage disposal
    New Line Cinema

    ...which people always stick their hands into in really stressful ways.

    6. There's no fence between yards.

    The neighborhood from Dennis the Menace with Dennis and his. mother in the foreground
    Warner Bros

    Everything is so open!

    7. Families sit down to huge cooked breakfasts every morning, with pitchers of freshly squeezed orange juice.

    A family sits around a table covered in breakfast food in It's Complicated
    Waverly Films

    Who has time in the mornings?!

    8. People drink milk with dinner.

    Kevin sits at the dinner table with food and a glass of milk
    20th Century Fox

    The idea honestly makes me want to vomit.

    9. High schools have very strongly defined cliques, and the jocks and cheerleaders are the most “popular” kids.

    Cheerleaders in Bring it On
    Beacon Pictures

    But also somehow the meanest?!

    10. High school sports are huge for some reason — specifically high school football.

    A crowd of people at a football game in Friday Night Lights

    Like, the whole town is invested?!

    11. Everyone catches the school bus.

    The school bus from the Simpsons full of kids

    And it picks kids up right from their front door.

    12. Unless they’re in high school, in which case they drive fancy cars that first-time drivers have no business driving.

    Vylette in Jawbreaker parks in front of the school in a fancy red car
    TriStar Pictures

    This can't be real.

    13. Nobody takes their lunch to school — everyone eats food from the cafeteria.

    Simon carries a tray of food through the cafeteria in Love, SImon

    Which no one ever pays for?!

    14. Everyone also eats in the cafeteria or, if you’re a loser, sitting on the toilet.

    Cady sits on the toilet with her food tray in Mean Girls

    Does no one ever go outside?

    15. People get really dressed up for school and wear different outfits every day.

    three girls walking in high school
    Sony Pictures

    The no-uniform life seems really stressful, TBH.

    16. Schools themselves consist of one really beautiful building.

    The school that looks like a castle in 10 Things I Hate About You

    OK, I know they're not all castles...

    17. Homecoming queen is a huge deal.

    Hannah wears a homecoming queen sash and crown and is hugged from behind by her boyfriend on Pretty Little Liars

    Even though I’m not entirely sure what it means.

    18. And prom takes place in a really fancy venue.

    A crowd dances at prom in She's All That

    Presumably the coordinated dances are a movie invention though.

    19. Literally everyone goes to college.

    Rory sits in her bedroom that is decorated with Yale paraphernalia  in Gilmore Girls
    Warner Bros

    And it’s usually one of, like, the five universities that apparently exist in the United States.

    20. It snows everywhere during winter.

    George Bailey cheers in front of the Bedford Falls sign in the snow in It's A Wonderful life
    Liberty Films

    Everyone (who celebrates) gets a white Christmas!

    21. And finally, everyone carries guns around all the time.

    Homer holds a gun in one hand and a beer in another in the Simpsons

    "I'm never going to America because all the guns scare me" — me as an 8-year-old.

    So tell accurate are my ideas about American life?!

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