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    67 Things You Definitely Did In Primary School

    All your decisions were made with the toss of a rubber.

    1. Played Bin Ball with the green bins in the playground.

    2. Felt so responsible carrying around a Tamagotchi until it inevitably got covered in its own poo and died.

    3. Pulled off elaborate yo-yo and elastics tricks.

    4. Played clapping games with rhymes like “girls are sexy made out of Pepsi, boys are rotten made out of cotton” and “down down baby, down down the roller coaster.”

    5. Became an expert on the value of different marbles.

    6. Predicted the future by using a folded piece of paper covered in colours and numbers.

    7. And drawing spirals on a piece of paper in a game of MATCH.

    8. Made decisions by tossing a rubber with yes/no/maybe written on the sides.

    9. Or by shaking a magic 8 ball, if you were lucky enough to have one.


    10. Got really excited about huddling under a rainbow parachute.

    11. Played Tunnel Ball in P.E.

    12. Played Stuck in the Mud, Red Light/Green Light and Duck Duck Goose at recess.

    13. Used a colourful plastic lunch box, complete with a frozen drink bottle, to keep your lunch fresh.

    14. Swapped sandwiches with your friends because theirs always seemed better.

    15. Asked "what can I get for 10 cents?" at the canteen.

    16. Felt ridiculously happy on lunch order day.

    17. And extra happy if you got a Pizza Rounda or potato pie.

    18. Excitedly volunteered to pick up the lunch order basket.

    19. Or ring the lunch bell.

    20. Ate Nutella out of little plastic cups.

    21. And bought paper bags full of carob buds, thinking it was the same thing as chocolate.

    22. Cooled down with Zooper Doopers or frozen juice cups in summer.

    23. Visited your mum whenever she was on canteen duty to get "free" food.

    24. Went stir crazy during rainy lunches cooped up inside.

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    25. Listened to the teacher read Possum Magic at least a hundred times.

    26. Knew all the words to the second verse of the Australian anthem.

    27. Sang “too-ral-li, oo-ral-li, addity… bound for Botany Bay” in choir.

    28. And "Kookaburra Sits In the Old Gum Tree" and "Waltzing Matilda".

    29. Got involved in the school play, even if it was just set design.

    30. Ate toffee cups and butterfly cupcakes at the school fete.

    31. Went to the toilet in pairs.

    32. Begged to share a desk with your friends.

    33. Had multiple best friends, but one best best friend.

    34. Argued with friends about them "stealing" other friends.

    35. Formed “official” clubs with your group on a regular basis.

    36. Felt really left out if people wouldn’t let you in their club.

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    37. Dressed up in costume to walk around the school oval for a "fun run."

    38. And dressed up again for Book Week.

    39. Participated in the MS Readathon.

    40. Ordered Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman books from the Scholastic catalogue.

    41. Had scungies/scrunchies/hats that matched the school uniform.

    42. Raced to complete “chairs on desks, hands on heads” at the end of every day.

    43. Went on an excursion to a wildlife park and got to feed kangaroos.

    44. Learned how to bank thanks to the Dollarmites.

    45. Learned about life from a giraffe in the back of a dark van.

    46. Played the glockenspiel or recorder, usually badly.

    47. Loved days when you got to play Dead Lion, Wink Murder or Heads Down, Thumbs Up in class.

    48. Sold Giant Freddos and Caramello Koalas to raise money for the school.

    49. Tried (and usually failed) to get your friends to hang out in the shade with you when you forgot your hat.

    50. Competed over who could eat the most Ghost Drops.

    51. Got dressed up in your team’s colours for sports and swimming carnivals.

    52. Felt overjoyed to receive stickers, stamps and especially merit awards from your teacher.

    53. Measured out distances around the school using a trundle wheel.

    54. Played hop scotch regularly.

    55. And handball every day.

    56. Skipped. A lot.

    57. Got in trouble for using the bubblers for a water fight at least once.

    58. Played “truth, dare, double dare, love, kiss, or promise” (or some other variation) and tried to change options when you didn’t like what you were asked to do.

    59. Covered books with TV Hits posters and clear contact.

    60. Obsessively flattened out bubbles in the contact using a ruler.

    61. Made "guns" out of Connector Pens.

    62. Wrote your crush's name or initials all over your pencil case.

    63. Lingered around the bin sharpening your pencil so you could chat to friends.

    64. Or got really excited to use the electric sharpener, if your class was fancy enough to have one.

    65. Made beautiful structures out of Paddle Pop Sticks.

    66. Delighted in peeling dried glue off your hands.

    67. And felt so proud when you finally got your pen license.