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12 Jan 2015

22 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured What Summer Is Like In Australia

"You know you're Australian when you say 'it's only 29 degrees'."

1. On the weather:

2. And the news:

3. On the temperature:

4. On being branded:

5. On daily life:

6. On fire danger:

7. On the national anthem:

8. And culture:

9. On poetry:

10. And Shakespeare:

11. On the risks of keeping cool:

12. On perspective:

13. On the plus side:

14. On what Australian girls really want:

15. And protecting your home:

16. On Christmas:

17. And Christmas decorations:

18. And Christmas carols and the confusion they lead to:

19. On summer treats:

20. On the actual season:

21. And what it looks like:

22. And the statement that basically sums it all up:

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