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This Vanity Fair Story About Margot Robbie Is Really Upsetting People

"I feel personally victimised by Vanity Fair." – All of Australia right now

Margot Robbie is on the cover of Vanity Fair this month, and the accompanying story, written by Rich Cohen, features some ~interesting~ statements about the Aussie actor and her home country.

Australians, naturally, were pissed.

This paragraph is a declaration of war

Dear Vanity Fair and Rich Cohen: Don't. Just don't. Love, Australia.

If Australia is as exotic and otherworldly as that Vanity Fair article suggests, don't tell them about *the entire rest of planet earth*

"Throwback people"? Sincerely, @VanityFair, go fuck yourselves. And enjoy the wi-fi we invented.

I feel personally victimised by Vanity Fair.

"THROWBACK PEOPLE"... *burns vanity fair to the ground*

And taking the piss.

havent had a chance to read the vanity fair piece. ive been far too busy obsessing over my soap operas and being distracted by jangling keys

"She is from Australia. To understand her you should think about what that means. She's upside-down like ninety percent of the time".

Royal Commission into Vanity Fair's Representations of Australia

"to understand the many complexities of margot robbie like I do, you should be able to point out Australia on a map" -rich cohen

VANITY FAIR: Australia is like America 50 years ago AUSTRALIA: Your banking system largely involves people using *cheques* to pay for shit

People also called out the article for being sexist.

only tweeting bc this is a master class in how NOT to do a profile. overwritten, poorly-structured sexist drivel.

Every issue of Vanity Fair this month comes with a thin sheen of Rich Cohen's semen holding the pagies of Margot Robbie's profile together.

And totally unfair on Robbie.

My face while reading Vanity Fair's article about Margot Robbie, who deserves so much better:

The quietly awful thing that the Vanity Fair piece did is steer the conversation away from Margot Robbie's talent, which is what matters.

And many tweeted their own, vastly improved versions of the piece.

Luckily Vanity Fair also published a piece from a witness at the restaurant

i don’t get this Margot Robbie profile at all.

to be fair this would def be said about a male actor

Hey @VanityFair. I rewrote that Margot Robbie lede with Alexander Skarsgard. Yep. Still creepy.

Is this seriously happening in 2016?!

did u survive the margot robbie vanity fair article?

How cool that the Margot Robbie story also happens to contain my reaction to the Margot Robbie story

Although I guess it's still 1966 in Australia.