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    This Little Girl's Letter About Marriage Equality Will Warm Your Heart

    Four-year-old Sabrina has a lot to say. So she wrote to Australia's Prime Minister.

    Meet four-year-old Sabrina.


    When she found out same-sex marriage isn't legal in Australia, she wanted to do something about it. So she wrote a letter to the Prime Minister.


    "Dear Tony Abbott,

    Don’t get rid of the ABC because we love it. And let boys marry boys and girls marry girls if they love each other or they’ll be sad forever.

    Thank you.

    Sabrina's friend Lukas explained to BuzzFeed that she wrote the letter after hearing he had to travel to New York to marry his partner.


    Lukas (left) says, "My partner Greg and I had been together for two years when I proposed to him... We were planning a trip to the US and gay marriage became legal in New York about six months prior to us visiting, so we decided to get married there where it would be legal and recognised, instead of having a commitment ceremony here in Australia."

    "We visited my friend Roshelle (Sabrina's mum) after we got back from New York. We surprised all our family and friends and got married in secret, and told them about it when we got home. After we left, Sabrina started asking her mum questions about why we had to go to New York to get married, so she told her that it was because it was illegal in Australia. Sabrina said that it was unfair and she was going to write a letter to the government. She then asked what colour the government's hair was, because apparently this is important! Roshelle told her that the government wasn't a person but that Tony Abbott was the boss of the government, so she decided to write to him, after she asked what colour his hair was too."

    Sabrina's letter also references the proposed funding cuts to the ABC that some Liberal party members have suggested. Lukas says that as an incredibly socially aware child, Sabrina became worried that the ABC, her favourite channel, would be shut down after hearing it discussed on the news.

    PM Tony Abbott is yet to respond to Sabrina's letter.

    Dinuka Liyanawatte / Reuters / Reuters

    Let's hope he does soon or we'll be sad forever.

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